Paying money to suffer.. the Indian psyche

The number of syndicated columns of foreign ex players during this World Cup surely is in double digits. Most of them being Australians and West Indians. Add to that the so called experts on Setmax in Extraa Innings and we enter the realms of surrealism. And what are these guys paid those fat cheques for? Obviously to trash everything Indian. I agree that a few comments are fair and constructive criticism but most of them are trash. And just because it comes from a non Indian, we attach a bigger weightage to these comments..

Let me give you a few examples –

 Allan Border after the exit of India n Pakistan from the WC said that these teams deserved to be out of the World Cup if they lost to Bangladesh / Ireland. Point taken sir. But does one have a right to say that No decent team can lose to Bangladesh if his own team lost to them a couple of years back.

 A fellow who writes in the UK telegraph was on the SETMAX panel of experts (?).. Now why do we have some journalist who maybe knows as much as I about Cricket.. He promptly trashes India after India’s loss to SL. One Look
at the article and one will wonder why was the guy on SETMAX. His place is next to Chetan Sharma in the DD National panel.. that too strictly on a non remunerative basis.

Ian Chappell is a different story all together and he can be forgiven for his love for his family in blaming and putting down everyone other than you know who?

Its great to have views from the other side but paying money for being treated unfairly is not exactly a pleasing thought. But what do do, we Indians are like that only.


3 thoughts on “Paying money to suffer.. the Indian psyche

  1. I agree with your points. India and Pakistan have performed poorly, thus giving so called experts the chance to show their true feelings towards us.

    The article by Telegraph London is by Simon Huges, was a below average bowler at county cricket, how he beacme an annalyst i shell never know.

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