Media makes the fan …

Ironically, in a piece on his blog called Death of a Game, Rajdeep Sardesai provides a cricket loving mediaperson’s perspective of what should be.
Somewhere in the piece, the love for the game comes through. Here’s hoping that there’s going to be atleast one channel that wont try to find a “mujrim” for a cricket match. And that responsible journalism (Watching a visibly shaken Rahul Dravid and Greg Chappell after the game, one was saddened at the sight of two proud men and outstanding cricketers being mercilessly grilled by the media.) manages to hold its own in the rush for TRP.

If at the end of this, we get a better cricket system in place , and a media that treats the sport like it should be , maybe it would all have been worth it after all.

p.s. Rajdeep’s channel CNN-IBN carried an Opinion Poll the other day. The heartening part was that no one was singled out for blame (While just two per cent blamed the BCCI, eight per cent blamed Rahul Dravid, five per cent Greg Chappell with an overwhelming majority of 85 per cent blaming the entire team for the poor show), the part that surprised me was this –Thirty three per cent want Sachin to retire from both Tests and ODIs while 56 per cent want him to retire from the ODIs only. Eleven per cent want him dropped from the team completely. .


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