Bye bye Guru ….

Wake up this morning – See that Sachin has purportedly lashed out at Greg C. If that, and this and this and this is true, then irrespective, it seems unlikely that Greg Chappell can continue – Or should.

Seems the senior guys want to meet the BCCI – independently – and on the 5th – ahead of the big meeting. Mr Pawar and co have a big job ahead – and a big dirty laundry bill.


3 thoughts on “Bye bye Guru ….

  1. Sachin’s quote is “But what hurt us most is if the coach has questioned our attitude. ”

    not when, if. No lashing bashing, just a whole lot of Chinese whispers plus plenty of media masala.

    When this thing is finally done and dusted, how many of our “sports journalists” will end up looking like beat reporters for a yellow rag? Just about all of them I suppose.

  2. Hmmm – re the semantics of it , the Times story (the one that Cricinfo is quoting) actually carries the “when” as the headline – but yellow journalism or otherwise, if the other stories and player reactions are anything to go by , it seems unlikely that Greg Chappel’s positives will outnumber his cons.

  3. If Chappell had to go, he should have been out a long time ago. His man management and communication skills were always suspect.
    Keep him and things are going to get worse before they get better. Fire him and we make him a martyr who “got entangled in the morass that is Indian cricket”.

    Either ways he wins..

    Best remedy – fire Saurav Ganguly..It was he, in his infinite wisdom, who pushed for Chappell when all and sundry ( including his team mates) were pumping for Moddy. 🙂

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