Saturday Night …

So the BCCI meet is over .. and this is what we have as a statement from them. A lot of it is the blueprint they look for which one can revisit as the days go by.

Important near term features tho..

  • Dravid is skipper for the tours of Bangladesh, Ireland and England.
  • The BCCI working committee have “directed” the selection commitee to send a young team to Bangladesh.(to be selected on April 11)
  • Ravi Shastri is cricket manager with overall responsibility for the Bangladesh tour. Robin Singh is fielding coach and Venkatesh Prasad is bowling coach for the tour.
  •  Changes in the contract system. Curbs on player endorsements.
  • Notices to be issued to Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh about recent media comments.(none to Guru for any SMS?)
  • Zonal system of selection committees scrapped .
  • Permanent manager to be appointed for a 2 year term. Media manager likewise.
  • Only captain  can talk to the media but not exclusively.

There’s more in the fine print but a lot of that is “process”. Havent seen anything about what they make of the Subhash Chandra proposal yet. Will look first thing tomorrow morning.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Night …

  1. I can already see the limitations in the large print.
    I wonder what else is hidden in the small print.

    1. Curb on endorsements to three maximum.
    The capping is not the amount earned, but the numbers.
    It will make companies try to out bid each other to sign up the ‘stars of the month’.
    More money for less contracts, excellent thinking BCCI.
    Its even better for the players.

    2. Only captain to be able to talk to the media.
    That is grossly unfair.
    Either they all speak or no one.
    The captain can speak to his hearts content on official press conferences.
    There will be a media manager any way.

    3. Show cause to Tendulkar and Yuvraj, but not to Chappell!
    I don’t believe this.

    4. Dravid as captain?
    To calm things down, he is the last person I would have chosen.
    The captain’s loyalty should be to his team, not the coach. He obviously sided with Greg.
    With eight players been targeted by Greg, each of these players will feel betrayed by Dravid.

    Oh. I can go on and on… but what’s the point.
    I will support Bermuda from now on, there will be more honesty in that team.

  2. Chinaman,

    Everything’s been addressed except the World Cup performances. Its almost sad really.
    The endorsements thing, I just dont get. What happens for instance with Sachin or Dravid or Dhoni who already have far more than 3 endorsements.
    Whats the point of reducing the per match fee? Why cant a performance bonus leave the salary as is?
    Sachin and Yuvraj are first time offenders. Greg Chappell has done it all before and been warned about it. But he’s not contractually bound , I guess.
    The captain, I guess, has to speak with the media.
    Re the honesty and the rest of it, I just wish we’d get on to some real cricket soon. Thats the only way this demon will reduce in size.

    And no matter how objective I ty to be, the ZEE league cloud keeps hovering around my mind when I read any changes… Silly me.

  3. Chappell was on a contract.
    So if he was a repeat offender, then it makes his indiscretions even more serious.
    Not only he has been let of the hook, he has been appointed a consultant.

    Its not the captain speaking to media I object to,
    which I have said can be done in press conferences;
    it also includes writing columns in newspapers, etc.
    I have objections to that.
    I may wish to know what say Tendulkar or Kumble has to say on a extra-dressing room cricketing issues.
    I do not get that opportunity.

    To clean the insides, all dirt and junk has to be brought out first, otherwise it just keeps accumulating.
    BCCI missed a golden opportunity of doing so without losing face.

  4. Hey big chief..

    I agree – Chappell had a contract (dont have the details but see the link in my post on “a messy week ahead” which carries the cricinfo report on his approintment contract) and he has, from all accounts, been a repeat offender. So thats something which will come up at some stage, I’m sure.

    Re the media committments of the players, the media manager appointment is as much as we’ll get and I think thats a good thing. Dressing room gossip needs to stay there, of course , but even otherwise, its best that we hear the “team view” in a team sport. At the best of times. Its definitely a good thing for the Board to aim for.

    I also agree that there is a lot to be cleaned up. And I think they’ve tried doing a few things but it will take time and it will be messy. I doubt there is anything systemic which can be just amputated….

  5. I got that part by browing through your site !!
    Have a few questions about the webhost part of wordpress – but am such a zero with all things related that I dont know where to start !

  6. I am no expert either, learnt mostly from webforums.
    I started with wordpress in Dec 2006, and went onto to set up silly points.
    You have my email address, do write to me your questions, if I can help I surely will.

  7. Biggggg Chief, I don’t unfortunately have your email – or to display my ignorance , I didnt know where in your website to look..

    Cud it be possible that you email me ?

    I’ll look it up first thing in the morning.

    Thanks, in advance.

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