A messy week ahead …

The big weekend is out of the way and what do we have ? More questions than answers really.

This whole seniors issue which is as much media created  as it is real though promises to be the biggest firecracker this coming week. On the 11th, the selectors will come up with the team for Bangladesh. Chances are that there will be a lot of juniors being given the chance to stand up and be counted. So who will be “rested” ? Sachin ? Saurav ? And is the media going to allow that to be just a selection prerogative with an eye on the long run that Shastri says it is and which it really is. We’ll just have to see but I suspect it wont be an easy passage of time.

The endorsements issue is another which promises to see a lot of noise. Rahul Dravid has issued a press statement an hour ago saying that there is an issue but not something which cant be sorted out with the players and the board sitting across a table and thrashing out. Not sure how thats going to work but that too promises to be interesting.

There is also the relatively small issue of the show cause to Sachin and Yuvraj about their media “outbursts”. I, for one, am surprised that the same rule doesn’t apply to Greg Chappell’s sms issues. This is a report on Greg Chappell’s contract at the time of the appointment which seems specific on Chappell’s media commitments – Nair said that he could “express his thoughts and expressions” through a newspaper column or news channel. However, he added that Chappell will “not be permitted to leak out any team secret”. That, though is a minor issue – if there is anything like that in the Indian press.

There are others, and there are longer term issues that the weekend throws up. (and we haven’t even got to the cricket part of it yet!) – but will get into more of those as the week pans out.

For now, all eyes on the 11th of April.


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