Guess Who …

Ok – this was in 2005 and ____ was in the form of his life – But guess who Bob Woolmer wrote about when he said this.

Has Bradman’s genius.

I would often sit in front of the computer, with _____’s innings on the biomechanics screen, searching for the weakness; looking for the line and length that would give him most difficulty.

– What makes him so good? He follows the most important basic principle of batting: he is still when the ball is released and is, therefore, able to judge length early and then make the shot timorously without flaw. His balance when he hits the ball is a joy for any coach to study as he transfers his weight perfectly, makes contact with an ability to hit the ball extremely hard, but looks as though he is just caressing it. It is the wonderful gift of timing, pure timing, that makes him so dangerous.

– He is excellent in the field, takes catches in the deep and close with relative ease. He is a very complete cricketer.

– His batting definitely takes on the qualities of a genius. Like Bradman used to, he is able to dominate attacks and will do so all the while that he is prepared to be hungry at the crease.

– I cannot imagine a better technique.

– His technique is one to copy; his propensity to go on and on after scoring a hundred makes him a modern day great.

Ok. I’ve picked things at random from the article and there are repetitions but (if you haven’t guessed), read this.


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