Spot the difference.

Speaking at a function to announce the dates of the Afro Asian Cup (Cricket for Unity, if you please), the very honourable BCCI Vice President Mr Rajiv Shukla says that no directive has been issued to the National Selectors about team composition for the tour to Bangladesh.


And this was the BCCI press release after their recent meeting.

7. The Working Committee has directed the Selection Committee to send a young team to Bangladesh under an experienced captain. The selection committee, after discussions has appointed Rahul Dravid as captain for India’s tour to Bangladesh, Ireland and England.


Basically , Any colour as long as its black.


11 thoughts on “Spot the difference.

  1. And the sad part is the media wont take somebody like that apart. Where one really should look for performance accountability. But no , if Sachin cuts a cake, lets throw the bakery !

  2. Sfx,

    Did we expect anything better?

    Fluff about Sachin sells – hard truths about the BCCI ostensibly don’t.

    And don’t expect the media to take on the BCCI either – they know fully well which side of their bread is buttered.

  3. I’d be amazed if the neutral or even neutered selectors manage to drop Sachin … dont think the BCCI has the stomach for such a fight – at best they’ll come up with a tacit understanding and sachin will have problems with his elbow….

    Hey, now even the ultimate Raj Thakeray has spoken in his favour !

  4. I would rather they not take any of the “seniors” for the BD tour – this is the first opportunity that we will get to look at some of the upcoming talent. Also, we have some pretty hard tours lined up later in the year and we will need some of the “seniors” if not all to be available.

    The BCCI could have handled things with a little more subtlety – talked to the players and explained why the BCCI is going to do certain things. Instead, they made a huge song and dance about player contracts and team selections and show cause notices and basically painted themselves in a corner.

    Given the stance the BCCI has taken, they will be hard pressed to explain the reasons for not taking the “seniors” along.

    Which works to the detriment of Indian cricket.

  5. Well if the Bangla series results go against India, history won’t remember that we took a young team under an experienced captain (who incidentally took full responsibility for our WC failure).
    2 men most responsible for the debacle – Guru and Dravid are getting away scot free and actually rewarded.
    Well played BCCI

  6. I’m not so sure Greg Chappell will take up the NCA offer actually… Just like I am not sure if say, a John Buchanan would take up the “honourable” job of grooming kids at the Australia Academy after having been coach for the team.

    Dravid, in fact, has been given a massive vote of confidence by the BCCI. His new cricket manager seems to believe in him. The media has not gunned for him and the fans have been amazingly “mature” … Thats never easy in the frenzied world of Indian cricket after a performance like we had.

  7. Sfx & Rahul,

    If Greg Chappell does not take the NCA position, bet your bottom dollar that he will be up there in the Channel 9 commentary box come December nit picking and bad mouthing everything the Indians do.

  8. True, homer. Either that or he’ll sms the same to rajan bala,

    (But after the world cup, I don’t have any bottom dollar anymore).

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