Rambha rose

Many years ago, on my way to college in Bombay, used to walk past a restaurant / chai dukaan called Rambha rose And right thru the college years, always wondered but never figured out why someone would call their restaurant by that name. And it bothered me not knowing. Like that niggling, bothering feeling you get when you want to get to or away from something and it just doesn’t happen. That crossword clue which you’re sure you’re a milli-thought away from. Or that nerdy song tune which has got into your head all morning and refuses to get away. And I carried that feeling right through college ! Till one day, well into working life, it struck me. Out of the Blue.

Rambha rose…. Ram bharose… Raam Bharosey !

Glory !!! Its a great release.

Then. This morning. Going through the newspapers. That feeling is back. Why are the organisers of the World Cup calling their efforts to revive the world cup

Somebody help ! I’m Rambha Rose.

p.s. I also wonder if Dav Whatmore is actually pronounced the marathi way. Like Kiran More.


2 thoughts on “Rambha rose

  1. hmm.. So “Rambha rose” is what Chappell told the boys before the World Cup regarding their chances… no wonder the boys looked so confused out in the middle..

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