My mum could coach India…

He doesn’t quite say that but in a piece called Two Wrongs, One Wright, Geoffrey Boycott opines on the foreign v Indian coach debate.

These are confusing times for the Indian cricket fan, and indeed, for the rest of us who have been watching developments in India post the team’s exit from the World Cup. In the swirling waters of what is now Indian cricket, one thing seems clear: the consensus is that a foreign coach can never really succeed in India because he will never make sense of the political and cultural issues involved.

That, in my opinion, is a load of bollocks.

Read on….

p.s. The link is from the “Outlookfreespeech site and requires might require a one time registration which is .. err … free.


5 thoughts on “My mum could coach India…

  1. well so who coaches India then? Dave Whatmore or Ravi Shastri… Well RS is again a dog in the mager.. he can talk but being “the best capatain India never had” doesn’t make him a born coach.. obv he has taken up the manager’s job bcos ESPN has got no series telecast rights.. And Sanjay M hates this..He thinks that we could never make it to the semi finals in this super eight group.. Wow, I wud really love to see what NZ, SA, Ireland (theorising that Pak wudnt come in), England and WI would have done to us.. I shudder with the talent they have

  2. Before we go into who should coach,
    we need to decide what do we want our team to do?

    1, Show we are capable of playing good cricket?
    2, Or just win, hook or by crook, every single ODI tournaments?

    With the number of meaningless ODIs increasing, I do not think it is possible to achieve both.
    We will be dumping injured and burnt out players faster and faster till we do not have a full team standing.

    Chappell failed because he chose to flog the dying horse instead of trying to resuscitate it.

  3. Rahul – The what-ifs will never leave us, I guess … rambha rose ….

    Big Chief – Think the issue is that the team is remarkably inconsistent and thats where the problem lies. And what adds to it, is that World cricket is being dominated by a remarkably consistent team performing at the very best. And so the others all look like also-rans. Its aspirational and thats good , I guess. But its not dissimilar to saying that if Borg could and Federer can, then why cant Sania.

  4. Do you not accept players can get ‘burnt outs’?
    For trying to goad a burnt out player to perform will only ruin him further.

    What exactly is ‘World cricket’?
    Test matches or ODIs?
    What is more important,
    to witness a thrilling five day test,
    where every player is properly tested,
    or 50 overs of merciless blasting of the ball any which way as possible?

    What is the indicator for good cricket?
    And what is the indicator of success?
    For they are not the same.

    In a way I am glad that I have been able to see some of the greats of the past,
    for what I see now played in the the name of cricket is not the same game anymore.

  5. You’re up late !! (or early !)

    Re World cricket , irrespective of which form you look at , the Aussie dominance is complete and clearly overshadows. Think its kudos to them that they have riased the bar , redefined the speed at which Test Cricket is played (draws are so rare now), and no matter how hard others try to catch up, they’re still far and away the best.

    India – and everybody else – are not close. I really dont think thats debatable.

    Why do you say good cricket and success are not the same ? Are the aussies good ? They’ve had a cracker of a summer and through the world cup dont look burnt out at all… .

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