The Greed for Speed …

Honestly, does this feel like a World Cup ?

Ian Chappell’s slammed the Cricket World Cup and the ICC and typically has a few good points garnished with hard hitting tripe.

The 2007 World Cup is a case in point. Malcolm Speed, the chief executive officer of the ICC, in response to strident criticism of the tournament said he was concentrating on the “positives rather than the negatives”. A serious cross-examination of Speed’s assertions suggest he’s doing more than just looking at a glass that is half full and it must contain something far stronger than water.

And further ..

Obviously in this case, the buck, like the tournament itself, appears to have no end of the line. Speed is always at great pains to spread the gospel that cricket is in good shape. However, you start to wonder if working in Dubai, where a ski resort is plonked in the middle of the desert and a hotel built in the ocean, hasn’t affected his grip on reality.

Somewhere there, listed among the “litany of disasters at the world cup” is “Greg Chappell announced he wasn’t seeking an extension in the role but skipper Rahul Dravid survived”.


Earlier, Hayden and Ponting were amongst the others that slammed the ICC.

Now, Malcolm Speed responds.

“If this World Cup had happened at a different time, the Australians would be in the West Indies playing four Test matches and seven one-dayers over a 10-week period, there would be minimal television coverage, minimal prize money and a very small proportion of the profile that this event is having,”

The grounds, the crowds and the pace of the tournament are, of course somebody else’ problem.
Come to think of it , India’s the only one complaining about the World Cup being too short ! Heh !


3 thoughts on “The Greed for Speed …

  1. Selective reality without working in Dubai !!!

    I remember hearing the “coach only helps me get from the ground to the hotel” bit from him (long before Warne aped it – and the constant slamming of the concept of coaching till Guru Greg got assignment India.

    But he’s an entertaining read, anyway.

    Packer had the money appeal and from Chappelli’s point of view, gave him life after cricket …And hence changed “everything” better….

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