Coach or Train ?

I was kinda hoping that Ravi Shastri would stay on as coach or manager or whatever nomenclature they chose.  Considering that the BCCI has appointed yet another committee, this time with 7 members and it has that pundit of the game, Niranjan Shah as convenor, and Shastri as a member, its unlikely that he’ll vote for himself. Besides, its those lucrative media commitments.
Dav Whatmore and Tom Moody are already being considered. And with Sunny Gavaskar still xenophobic, it promises to be the next big thing in Indian media. Considering that Gavaskar and Shastri were also on the commitee that chose Guru Greg, how’s the decision this time going to be any better ?

Elsewhere, Bob Simpson gets I-Told-You-So on India’s experience with Greg Chappell. Actually make that We-Told-You-So, since he speaks on behalf of the Australian cricket fraternity. The part of that piece that I like the best is his warning against aping all things aussie.

The whole world seems hell bent upon copying the Australian way of cricket. To me this is wrong and unhelpful to the development of world cricket. Sticking to the very basics of cricket has always been the successful format of cricketers and teams throughout the world, not fashion, fad and theories, which seem to be the driving forces today.

Either way, it seems to me that this constant chopping and changing of coaches can hardly be the recipe for being productive. And there’s going to be the ghost of Greg Chappell that’s going to hang over the new incumbent. Whether media created or otherwise. Its going to be a tougher than usual job.

Shane Warne’s view, that coaches actually hamper a players development may be a bit extreme but warrants thought nevertheless.

Rather than a coach, an international team should have a team manager, or co-ordinator, who acts as a facilitator for his captain. Beyond that, the captain should be in complete charge of everything to do with the cricket.

If something is going wrong, that’s when the manager has the responsibility of bringing in expert help. No one coach knows everything about the game.
Before long, I think that international teams will come back round to the role of a team manager. The big disadvantage of having so many powerful coaches is that players have forgotten how to think for themselves.

Maybe somwhere between Greg Chappell’s “OUR -process-leads-the-way” and Shane Warne’s DIY lies the right answer?


2 thoughts on “Coach or Train ?

  1. Re: Sunny’s outburst against GG, I vaguely remember some incident in GG’s playing days – He was asked by some journo about his opinion of Sunny and the reply was “SG who?”
    So there is some history there. I don’t think Sunny was so vehemently anti Wright. I think he was the only guy on the panel who voted against GG

  2. Rahul,

    Also the 1981 incident at Melbourne when Sunny nearly conceded the match.

    Also, Sunny has had run ins with the Australian establishment, most famously in 1992-93 when he was the guest commentator for Channel 9 ( I believe ChappellG was part of that team too). Remember “Aussie Cheats” and the controversy that column generated – it led to SG being dropped from the commentary team.

    Funny thing is, SG and GC shared the commentary box when India toured Down Under in 2003. Must have been fun 🙂


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