Lions and Kangaroos

So, come Saturday we know who we’re going to see.  After all thats been said about the format, I doubt many will argue that these are the best two sides of the tournament.  As a climax to a 45 day marathon,  the chaff’s been sifted away, the minnows renamed, the giants minnowed and a number of careers done with.

Perhaps its somewhat apt that just before the Aus-SA semi, Cricinfo chose to carry a Bob Woolmer piece called “He who hesitates is lost”. Stage fright comes to mind…

Elsewhere, Rohit Brijnath writes on the Sri Lankans.

I prefer Blue to Yellow. Call it any cliche’ you like. Rooting for the underdog. David vs Goliath. Splitting Hair. Whatever. But Sri Lanka seem the only team that can beat the Aussies even without the Aussies having a bad day.

Bring it on….


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