Honest Confession time

A few days ago , was going to write a article asking when Adam Gilchrist was gonna join the rest of the Aussie masters retiring. It had been a poor season with more than a few poor scores  sprinkled with a few great perfomances like that blistering ashes century.

I even contemplated asking, a la Chapelli, if Gilly cud ask a mirror in his house etc etc …

Now, as Hayden goes at 172/1 with Gilly still there at 119 in 83 (12 fours, 6 sixes) and the match firmly with the aussies, I’m glad I didn’t…..


2 thoughts on “Honest Confession time

  1. There is still a rationale to the mirror question. His failure wasn;t noticed because of Hayden and Ponting’s wonderful form. If he were in any other team, he wouldn’t get a chance to blast in the WC finals as his team wudn’t be there anyway. He has been too inconsistent over the last 2 years and yes I agree he played a brilliantly masterful knock yesterday but once in 15 innings kind of a knock is not good enough for a man with his talent and thats y the need for a mirror

  2. These Aussies… they’ve had 6 straight months of top drawer cricket and I doubt anyone’s had it harder than gilly … but that innings yday….!

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