Huh ?

I mean seriously ! Don’t numbers count for anything anymore?

So I went to the Cricket Australia site this morning. And somewhere in the middle of the homepage is this User Poll.

“Which Team are you most looking forward to seeing in Australia next summer”

  • Sri Lanka
  • India
  • New Zealand

And I’m thinking, these Aussies love their cricket. And its all about Boxing day. And the BCCI supremos even managed to arm-twist cajole Australia into starting off the Summer with us. Go India !

So I clicked India. Then almost expecting a clean sweep, I look at the results.

  • 51% Sri Lanka
  • 30% India
  • 19% New Zealand

Huh ? Huh ?!

We got Shilpa Shetty Big Brother ! (The show – not the Officer & the Gentleman)
We nearly got Sanjaya American Idol !

And now, when the BCCI’s doing all it can, we’re not voting where it matters !


3 thoughts on “Huh ?

  1. And exactly what is the BCCI doing? When has the BCCI done anything other than putting its collective feet in its mouth when not counting money?

  2. They’re arm twisting Australia. We have to vote and get everybody to say that they want to see us.

    Quantity of the Indian vote has to win over the quality of the Sri Lankans !

    TGIF Homer !!!!!

  3. lol Sfx.

    In this case, for once, the BCCI has nothing to do with CA changing its schedule.

    India was scheduled to play Pakistan in the Sept-Oct time frame followed by the Australia ODI series followed by India’s tour Down Under.

    However, with the 20/20 WC that the ICC announced, late in the day, all of the Boards playing at that time had to reschedule their series’.

    Hence the Oz ODI series followed by the Pak test series followed by the trip Down Under.

    its still Thursday here Sfx. Darn!

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