A smoke before the Ashes ..


One of my favourite photographs.

They’d written him off. Stripped him off his captaincy. The rest is history.

This is Ian Botham reflecting on his match changing innings for England against Australia in the Third test at Headingly, July 1981.

Adrian Murrell / AllSport


10 thoughts on “A smoke before the Ashes ..

  1. Hey Sfx…. great picture….. i have a question for you….

    Can you host scripts on *.files.wordpress.com?

    I have been thinking of moving to wordpress from blogger and if i can host images, my ratings script etc from here, then i might just go ahead and do it…

    please advice..



  2. Hey Homer,

    Thanks. Passage of time tends to cloud perspective but the sheer magnitude of what happened before this moment – and after – is huge I think. It almost certainly changed Australian cricket. And I guess heralded the era of the all rounders.

    And my scanning skills are not good enough, but the grit on the guy’s face….

  3. Thanks Kartikeya.

    I’m pretty much zero with questions such as this. I used to be on blogger for a while. And couldn’t do a lot of things with graphs on my fx blog which I can do here. But that could be me.

    Re your ratings, and the rest of the scripts (I think you can do it but dont trust me) , why don’t you post the questions to WordPress either direct or on their forums. Usually if it isnt already answered on search, it gets a reply within an hour or two.

    As a reader, I’d love it if you and a few others (Hi Homer) would move to WordPress, simply because the Tags and categories make it easier for readers to find content.

    Sorry, not much help.

  4. As you say Sir, although I will need to figure out how to move content across blogging platforms ( including comments – especially the comments).


  5. Kartikeya,

    Ok , I dont know what this means (and its going to give away a lot of my ignorance ) – but when I try to post stuff with images , or upload files, WordPress – at the mo – gives me the options of files with “jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt only.”

    Does that cover most things ? I guess it does cos nearly everything gets converted? I use graphs from CQG, Reuters Graphics Professional or Bloomberg in my line of work, none of which use those but I can still convert each of those to files which then WordPress supports.

    And then again , on some of those blogs at the indibloggies I see stuff which I cant even understand how to get started with 🙂

    Good luck.

  6. Homer,

    Don’t even think of leaving a comment out – if you do decide to migrate !

    But it can be done …the migration I mean – with family 🙂

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