Squashing Sportsmanship …

I didn’t want to post on the whole topic of Gilly having a squash ball in his glove. Because the innings was brilliant. And to produce genius on a big stage is special. Its as simple as that.

As far as the whole saga and the technicalities go, I don’t think there are clear cut answers so we can debate endlessly. So we’re not talking cheating. But as far as opinions on sportsmanship go, I sure have mine.

I did not think what Gilchrist did was unsporting. Because I don’t associate him with unsporting. Leaves aside the fact that he walks and advocates it, even in this case he made a big display of that squash ball to the public as he got that century. Then he explained it to anybody who listened. He didn’t hide it in his glove. It helped he said.

Equally importantly, perhaps more so, its not unsporting because the Sri Lankan team did not complain. What was sporting was when the umpires were trying to read the rule books in the dark, and the sun was setting on Sri Lanka’s dreams, Mahela Jayewardene chose to come out and get his men to play in the darkness and get the game over with. so that the champions could get the the trophy they deserved.

Thats sporting. And thats what sports is about. Its a celebration of spirit.

Sometimes it incites passions. Here’s a blog from Australia. And here’s another from Sri Lanka. If you haven’t come across them yet, do read. Comments and all.

Immaterial update from an Idle Mind : Bob Meuleman (Gilly’s Squash Ball coach) Family Site.


5 thoughts on “Squashing Sportsmanship …

  1. The “public display of the squash ball” is called a double bluff.. Rather than being caught, tell the world at large first up…
    Mark Waugh/ Shane Warne/ Hansie Cronje were caught but they did the next best thing…Admit to everything .. Poor Azza.. Even he could become a martyr..
    I am not saying that the squash ball in Gilly’s gloves was illegal etc etc.. Frankly I dont know the rules of the game that well and rather not know them that well.. given what happened to Darrell Hair who knew what chucking means..
    But Gilly and sportsmanship are not exactly twins are they? As a wicket keeper its just not possible for anyone . One can walk or pretend to walk as a batter.. but as a keeper.. Hmmm..
    Sfx, given his penchant for finding rare photographs, will have no trouble in hunting down a common occurence of Gilly appealing for a caught behind and getting his man, when its a clear pad..
    My only issue with the article was making Gilly sound like some saint.. We Indians love saints don’t we

  2. Rahulji …

    If thats the way, the post came across, then I messed up (or words to that effect 🙂 .

    My point was, I think it was a terrific innings, irrespective of the squash ball. And the Sri Lankans were graceful enough not to make any noise about it. But the noise in the blogosphere has been deafening. Thats the sad part.

    I only wanted to record it on this site. And point it out as two examples of different sides of the argument. Meanwhile at least on one of the sites, the number of comments have grown fast even since I posted this a few hours ago.

    (As far as Gilly’s standards on walking vs the rest of it go, I’ll post a few things – just to show that he’s as much a part of sortsmanship or gamesmanship as the next guy).


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