A 100 Sledges …?

This is the great Sir Don Bradman on sledging.

“I played under Alan Kippax in New South Wales for some time, I played under Jack Ryder in the Test series in 28-29, I played under Bill Woodfull in 1930 until he retired, and I captained the side until I retired. And in the whole of that time, I don’t recall one single incident of sledging. It never occurred, and it would not have occurred because it would not have been allowed, not one of those captains would have allowed it. If it had happened under me I would have given the fellow one warning, and if it had happened again I would have made sure he was not selected again…. it never went on in my day, not at all, and I don’t think it should happen now.”


But … ummmm …..just in case you like reading some (and in the very rare chance that you haven’t read most of the famous ones already), then this bit which modestly calls itself Cricket’s Best Sledges – and has a few enthusiastic commentators over 5 pages adding to them, is the place for you.



One thought on “A 100 Sledges …?

  1. It’s not a gentleman’s game any more is it? And who was a gentleman? Is any Indian a gentleman in the truest sense? I am not.
    Its more like Rugby mate.. the ozs are the world champions.. it can never be a soft sport.. they play their game HARD.. best sledge that I’ve ever heard- has to be Sarwan to Glenn… the way Glenn cried is to be seen to be believed… I can say whatever the f*** but if you reply, I take you to the public.. Thank Glenn for that great judicial comment

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