Slip Sliding Away ….

And so there we have it .

Another sting operation on TV by Aaj Tak And Headlines Today. As of the moment of this post, the only reports I can find are the ones on Cricinfo and Indiatimes .

The “revelations”  spoke to four national selectors – Ranjib Biswal, Bhupinder Singh Sr, Venkatapathy Raju and Sanjay Jagdale, the last-named also the team manager at the World Cup. There were two broad themes to the revelations in the sting: factionalism within the team, and Greg Chappell’s performance as coach.


I’m still waiting for the videos / youtube versions / transcripts which should be all over the place pretty soon.

But regardless, the smut will follow. We’ll start digging up the Rajan Bala SMS’. Rake up every interview Greg Chappell gave. We’ll even look for some great insight from Jaywant Lele and other dignitaries. They might try and analyse why Sachin padded up. Was it deliberate ? Wonder if there was a bookie nexus ? A player contract about it ? Did he play Paul Harris like Derek Underwood because he wanted to be captain ? Did Rahul Dravid stop being a team man? Worse – did he stop being his own man?

Irrespective , its going to be a messy time.

And its going to be very hard to shake the concept that India came out of Greg Chappell’s tenure a considerably weaker team.


10 thoughts on “Slip Sliding Away ….

  1. Dearth of leadership, both at the Board level and at the captaincy level.

    That said, I don’t think it will be as messy only because the “sting” reveals nothing that was not already there in the public domain.

    Sure, the HT and AT guys will make it sound like this was all new, but bits and pieces of this have been floating around since India’s tour to the West Indies ( factionalism, dissent, the overbearing nature of the coach, the pliant nature of the captain etc).

    Is India a weaker team today than it was 2 years ago? Our batting mainstays are fast approaching their sell by dates ( if they haven’t already) while our pace bowling looks a lot better equipped than it was 2 years ago.

    On balance, we are slightly better off today than two years ago in terms of resources – what tilts the balance is that we are a team in flux now.

    Then, we had to only deal with a captain being out of form.Now, we have to grapple with all sorts of machinations that, if not controlled, could set India back a few years.

  2. Agree, Homer – thats what I (poorly) intended to highlight by putting “team” in bold 🙂

    It will be said, like it usually is , that poor results make a poor team faction ridden and thats probably true , but this has been a case of one nail after the other.

    Like you correctly point out , in terms of resources, we’re better off in terms of resources (including in my view the absence of GG 🙂 )
    – but this kind of thing is going to take a while to go.

    There’s going to be a new coach and the same captain. Its not going to be easy.

  3. Nine year itch eh Sfx?

    1988-89 ( Board vs Players over match fees) 1997- 2000 ( match fixing), 2007 (endorsements).

    Those who dont learn from history….

  4. Aah. 1997-2000. Match fixing. Team of the New Century. Ring out the Old. Ring in the New. Everyone’s involved.
    Need New Pitches.

    Homer, This one’s from then – for you.

  5. This is not new relevations as many of us have observed that all has not been well within the team and there were defnite signs of disunity.

    Now that it is highlighted,much will be made of it, instead of putting it behind and restoring morale and unity. This is the last thing that Team India needs at the moment.Lets hope they start winning, which always helps the cause.Failure and there will be more of the same!

  6. All those who want to be Dravid now , raise your left nostril and right ear at the same time..!

    No seriously , my faith as a Rahul Dravid faithful – as a believer that the guy can raise himself from anything – is going to get tested now….!

    (Note to Self : Hang in there, Sfx)

  7. Thanks for the article Sfx 🙂

    Tell you what, the very first Rohit Brijnath article I read was in 1993 – penned along with one Harsha Bhogle, in the aftermath of India’s series sweep against England.

  8. and who comes out as a conspirator here? Dravid or Ganguly or ST? and what ever happened to all those conspiracy theories about RD? He threw them out. I believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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