Points to Prove …

When you think about it, its just like it is for most of us. Its a day at the office. But it isn’t really, is it ?

 First game today between India and Bangladesh kicks off in about a half hour’s time. (They’re not showing it here in Singapore say the looters at Starhub.)

There’s the background of India’s loss to them at the WC and revenge and all that. Maybe we can spice that with Dav Whatmore wanting the job and what more (heh!) . And the spice of the seniors being rested. And the zing of the sting operation. (which makes me wonder – shoudn’t those selectors be served show cause notices? – but I guess that assumes a sense of decorum and accountability at the BCCI). There’s Shastri and Dravid saying all is well. There’s everyone thats been saying this should be easy and the WC loss was a fluke and this is the time to try some youngsters. (Think the team in batting order is Viru / Robin / Dravid / Yuvi  / Dhoni / Karthik / Mongia / Powar / Zaheer / Sreesanth / Munaf – don’t think we have any choices with Tewary’s injury anymore)

And then there’s Bangladesh. Its never easy when you beat your own expectations (lets be honest here !) – particularly when you’re back playing at home. And the pressure on them is going to be immense.

And they have an outgoing coach who wants a job with our team. And we have an interim coach. And there will be lots of media. And lots of noisy fans. And 38 degrees heat.

Welcome to Asia.


10 thoughts on “Points to Prove …

  1. Well, saying that revenge isn’t what its about doesn’t change anything.

    The West Indies when they came after the 1983 WC didn’t say anything about revenge – they just said they wanted to prove a point. Or rediscover a winning habit. Or whatever was diplomatically correct. How they played was what it was all about though.

  2. Sorry rahul, thanks to text message being the primary source of information – and then catching up with it all through the net and commentary sources , cudn’t watch or get back sooner… it does seem tough to understand.

    The last he bowled Sreesanth was in Over 10 and he ended with 5-1-14-0 in a 247 total of a 47 over game…. hmmmm ..

  3. So, thats it then –

    we’ll look back at it and it will look like a comfy 5 wicket win with an over to spare .. but from 144-5 in 28 and 252 to get in 47 with
    dhoni and dk the only batters – powar/sreesanth/zaheer/munaf to follow – thats way too close. Well played by the two guys tho obviously ?

    And didn’t see the game, but going thru the filtered commentary given the start from bangladesh, that doesn’t seem like dravid’s best bowling change day again. stats tho will show that we kept it down to 250 again.

    Anyway, 1-0.

    Kaju Barfi time….

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