Roger Federer …

I think the reason that I look at Cricket the way I do is because it symbolised a lot. And so a lot of excellence that one sees, one likes to equate with cricket. And so, even tho I might say this is a cricket blog, I’ll pretty shamelessly write here, (probably increasingly) about anything I consider heroic.

This one’s about Roger Federer.

Sometimes you can tell looking at a guys desk at work about his relative skill. Here’s Roger’s desk at Wimbledon. 20federerlarge2.jpg

There’s another crazy thing thats happening to sport. The finesse is all gone. No more touch play. Its all power. Brute force. The guys these days – nothing but raw energy. Walk on to court. Slam the ball around. Walk off. Come back the next day and play the next round. Its just a profession. The emotion of sport just isn’t there. Its just money. Where are the days of Rod Laver? Remember him ? You probably don’t but in this picture he’s the guy with the bit of the bald patch.


Anyway, this is as much about Federer as about an excellent piece of Tennis /Sports journalism.

Please do read. Its an old piece and its called Federer as Religious Experience.

Enjoy !

Update : : In my first post of this article about 6 hours ago, I might have appended an abridged version of the article. The one here now (5 pages) is the correct one. Sincerely Sorry.


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  2. hmmm Homer.. I tried getting a couple of other people to check and they seem to be ok with it …

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