Like a Rolling Stone …


Mick Jagger returns to his seat.

The rest of the crowd looks for satisfaction elsewhere.

The Final Australia vs England Test of the 1972 series .

The Oval.

Photographer Unknown


8 thoughts on “Like a Rolling Stone …

  1. I zoom into that photograph and it looks like it spells
    C-o-c-a C-o-l-a.

    Wonder what that is …but somehow, for all these years of NOT knowing you I don’t think thats what you meant.

    Those were the good times. No sledging. No ball tampering. No match fixing. Gentlemen players.

    So I’m guessing the gentlemen that went visiting didn’t mix drinks either, of course.

  2. even the amber colored liquid in Jagger’s right hand?

    Btw, the Aussie squad for the final test read

    GD Watson,KR Stackpole,IM Chappell,GS Chappell,R Edwards,AP Sheahan,RW Marsh,RJ Inverarity,AA Mallett,RAL Massie,DK Lillee

    no sledging?

  3. hahahahaha – ziggackly … and which year did John Snow first nudge Sunny Bhai towards xenophobia ?

    About the aussie team , you know what Homer. I’ll probably post it as a short post a bit later in the day if the match gets rained off but just in case I dont.

    I was reading through something yday and there was this quote from Border somewhere in the beginning of the 1980s about the aussies and he was saying words to the effect …
    “I’m sick of being a nice guy and being a loser. I’d rather be a prick and be a winner”.

    And I was thinking “nice guys ??” , which part of the story did I miss ?

  4. Hey Sfx

    Another great photo. Oh how the once youthful looking rolling stone has aged but good to see that he still follows the great game.

    Tell me where do you get these great photos from?

  5. Hiya Rashmika ,

    I’m a great fan of all kinds of books which capture photographs of events. You know the “Century in Pictures” kind…

    Anyway, the ones i carry here are from all kinds of sources , some from biographies, some plain from the net. This one, the one about the train and the Larwood picture all from the Duncan Steer book (highly recommended) I have spoken about. Here’s the link on Amazon.

    (As any Bombayite will tell you, there is an amazing treasure of history on a walk down a row of bookshops near Flora fountain. Way before people discovered Amazon)

  6. This photo should go to the museum of rolling stones. its one of a kind. casual life of a celebrity. vintage photographs like these ones are so much inspiring.

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