Won 2, lost the one that mattered …

Yeah yeah .. One shouldn’t cry over spilt milk.

But as we sealed the series with a win in the second game today, one was still left wondering about wtf ( I still love “whiskey tango foxtrot” – and thats basically cos I cant dance to save my life) we were going through mentally with a far stronger team when we lost in the WC and actually looked like we “could” lose.

Anyway, on to the positives. Sapping heat and yet lots of singles and rotation of strike and all that. When one sees a opener – Gambhir – pace an innings through that kinda heat, it talks about a desire to win and thats good. Sehwag’s gonna come under fire for screwing up again but the team selection (Piyush Chawla for Sreesanth) shows that Dravid and Co believed that the quicks were the weaker link and needed to be targetted and so Sehwag had to go for it. Doesn’t change the fact that Sehwag’s been going for it and not getting it , but I think it says something for all the guys that say he’s doing it for Pepsi or Coke or Mayur or VIP or whatever he’s adjusting ….

In defence of the team and Dravid also – Dhoni had done his bit the last game less than 48 hours ago and still had a lot to do in the afternoon ahead. And yet he was still asked to go in at 3 and not just go hammer and tongs and get it over with so that he could come back and get a rest before he went out to keep but hang in there . Or at least so it would seem when you look at a 54 ball 36 from him and the lowest strike rate of the top 6. Oh, and well played too, Skip ! So all in all , a good batting performance on the same surface that Bashar had said 230-240 would have been good.

Bowling wise, I guess the end game from Mortaza and the bit of tonk that Yuvi got mauls the picture a bit butthe result was never in doubt from 86-4 in the 17th. Decent enough debut for Piyush Chawla and Romesh Powar’s still a more than handy ten overs. Dinesh Mongia’s gonna worry a bit though when the next chances come up but I suspect he’ll get one more chance to make amends in Chittagong on the 15th.

The test team arrives on the 14th and Shastri had mentioned that they were not looking for any replacement for Manoj Tewary but would call for someone from the test team if required. Given the heat, I doubt they will. I think though, that Dhoni will get some time off ahead of the 2 Test matches and Uthapa will get a game with the rest of it pretty unchanged.

Anything less than 3-0 would be like not making it to the Super 8s.


4 thoughts on “Won 2, lost the one that mattered …

  1. well, not setting fire to the Buriganga are we? Are we going to start judging the youngsters on the basis of their Bangla performance and commit the same mistakes again n again n again?
    Is Dhoni a no 3 bat? I don’t think so.. Dravid has to fill that position in most events. Dravid as No 5 is quite useless.. Yes he did score 40 odd yesterday, but he is not a Bevan to consistently do that. If Dhoni has to make 24 in 40 balls, why send him there at all. Dinesh Karthik is a better option to do that kinda role.
    Yes India won.. but there are too many glitches to be resolved. ..
    Bangladesh should pat themselves on the back for being given a chance to level the series yesterday.. All the Siva’s and Arun Lals of the world kept on saying that. And the Indians gave them every right to make such comments..
    Well played team India ..
    A query – Will our ODI ranking improve if we beat Bangla 3-0
    best one can hope for -)

  2. Judging the youngsters ? Which youngsters ? Seriously tho, that was always going to be the problem with this series. Winning would not have been good enough. No margin would have been good enough. Dhoni at 3 was I think as much a heat factor as a “lets target the faster bowlers, cos the slower ones will be tough to get away” tactic. Its what a smart captain like dada would have done 🙂

    We won comfortably – where was the chance for Bangladesh to come back ?! One of the advantages of the Starhub effup here in Singapore has been that I have been denied the privilege of Siva and Arun Lal. Small mercies.

  3. When did Dhoni target the fast bowlers. If you want someone to play like the way he did Karthik is a better bet. You have no hitter left in the last 10 as you found out yesterday.

    Youngsters? One should read/ hear about Gambhir’s great innings.. Piyush Chawla’s stunning bowling, Dhonis mature knocks etc etc..
    Isn’t that judging them and passing them with flying colours.. Gimme a break.. Gambhir is not a gud enuff international player..

    And just bcos we didnt give them a chance in one match, doesnt make it a great performance.. Remember India was almost on the verge of losing the first match if Ashok D’silva had his eyes checked before the match.. Wat wud one say after that? We won the series atleast etc etc..
    Ruthless/ Overwhelming are not exactly the words that come to my mind after the 1st 2 matches.. Mediocre v/s submediocre is the contest.. May we feel good after these victories

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