Vigaro ….


I know the title of this post sounds ominously like a blue pill – and will divert the wrong kind of people from search engines.

But this is whats going on.

This is a photograph of a variation of cricket – involving a tennis racket and six stumps . Its being played on Radlett Heath, July 1906.

And yes, the game was called Vigaro. 

I assume, the variation ended .. err… prematurely.



16 thoughts on “Vigaro ….

  1. This is amazing. I am from rabaul daily photo and was trying to explain what vigaro (a game I played as a girl) to an English daily photo blogger. So I googled it, and you came up. I will send this link on to him.

    Looking forward to exploring your site. Cheers

  2. I played vigaro in primary school in here in Sydney (around 1960) and the bats were nothing like the ones in the photo. The bats were solid and were shaped like paddles and were held just like cricket bats.

    • This is good!! Am just listing a game of rope qoits on eBay & wanted to add Vigaro and bobs as other games. Up popped your blog, and I couldn’t resist it. I agree with Sally from Sydney – bats shaped like paddles, with a green felt-like material, and they were studded. We had 9 children attending the school at the time, and I would have been about 9 when Vigaro was introduced. I loved it, though did cop my share of disclocated thumbs; and rather a heavy weight for a young girl.
      Keep up the great work

  3. hey I was just wondering if you know what vigaro means? It’s a Latin word meaning a strong or masculine woman, i.e a female warrior…. I like the pic very much.

  4. Well I played vigaro in high school in Morwell Vitoria . Australia… and I was telling some people about it today here in Alabama in USA and decided to google it as well..I see another entry from Sydney…and we used the same bats as they did they were tear shaped heavy and were studded with studs like on upholstery…like the photo though…great..God bless…Norma

  5. Norma,

    To be honest, when this post was first put here (about a year ago to the day), I never imagined that it would get as many visitors as it does through the Google search …

    Must be a really fascinating game – there’s always this wonderful nostaligic tone amongst people that visit & comment.

    Thanks for the good wishes.

    Regards & the best to you … Cheers.

  6. I was just explaining to a young man about the game of Vigaro and we decided to google it! I too played the game as a girl around the same time 1960 in Sydney. From my memory the game was very similar to cricket except for the ball and the bat – which is like those described – nothing like a tennis racket! I HAVE VERY FOND MEMORIES!!!!

  7. I played Vigaro at Nowra High School (NSW Australia) in 1965.
    Great game – I have good memories of the games we played. I think the rules were very similar to cricket

  8. I don’t know why I Googled Vigaro – but it just pooped into my head.
    And – here was this site.
    I played Vigaro in grade school, high school and on Saturday afternoons, when I was going to Uni, during the sixties. I even played twice for Queensland – against the other States – and still have the crappy little crystal bud vases (one has a crack) with the maroon and white ribbon tied around the neck that we were awarded when we won.
    Do they still play Vigaro in Australia? I haven’t lived there since the seventies. Be interesting to find out. I know netball is popular.
    Vigaro was a GREAT game. Similar to cricket – but fast.
    I spent many, many hours playing the game – and many, many hours making friends and learning to be a team player.
    Hope it’s still played.

  9. I played vigaro in Raymond Terrace NSW in 1954-55. My memory was jogged by an article on a radio programme about stoolball, a game supposed to be the forerunner of cricket, which is still played in the south of England.

  10. My sister who is 61 still plays and her daughter who is 21 plays as well. It is played in NSW. I know for sure there are still State games played. I played for years from 1966 in school and then a team for Alexandria NSW for quite a few years. I agree with the bat description and I have never known men to play it, always women. Amazing what you find when you google isn’t it.

  11. I am writing some recollections of teaching in the sixties and ‘googled’ vigaro to get my facts correct. As there were more male than female teachers in the sixties, we had to draw straws to determine who had to oversee the sport. The bats were paddle shaped and timber. As I write, my wife is expressing her distaste at having to play. I have read all the above comments with interest.

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