Note to self …

this is a cricket blog ..

posts on other sports and other sportsmen – for example this and that may not be bad views but they’re not the best conversation generators …


4 thoughts on “Note to self …

  1. Sfx,

    anecdotes from other sports and sportsmen giving snapshots into their psyche are wonderful.. the trick is to leverage them into debating points..

    Stating that Sampras and Armstrong are driven is stating the obvious.. But what is it that drives them? Why are they ready to make those sacrifices that most of us wont even dream about? How much does “drive” shape the thinking and behavior of sportspersons?
    And does this drive make them uni dimensional?


  2. Homer,

    I think one of the tragedies of sports fans in India – ok lets just limit it to cricket fans – is that “stating that sampras and armstrong or ___ and ___ (fill as appropriate) are driven is obvious” is really far from the truth.

    Do you really think fans of sports in general, or cricket in particular realise what it takes to perform at that level? And I am talking of fans in general ..

    (Your point about a blog audience is well taken though – thanks – (this was actually a note to self – each time i see a story / section / chapter from a book / sport that turns on my ambition, it’ll find its way here … i hope ..)


  3. Sfx,

    Take a sportsperson. For that person to strive to push the parameters imposed by physical or mental limitations is what “drive” is all about isnt it?

    And the greatness of the all time greats lies in thier ability to keep pushing themselves and sustaining that drive through the years.

    A lot of us can make that one effort to get to where we want to. Sustaining it day after day, year after year, is what “drive” is all about int it?

    As regards whether fans realize what it takes, if anyone has played active competitive sports knows how much effort, both physical and mental, is required to even be in the game 🙂

  4. The “extent” of that drive – that a TOP level sportsman has – I don’t think most of us can even comprehend.

    I’m usually grateful to people who help me come close to some level of comprehension of that.

    I think most people enjoy sport, a lot of them understand sport as well, but I really don’t know how many of us can “appreciate” – in the truest sense of the term what it takes to get to be Woods or a Sampras or a Armstrong – and stay there…

    Each time I think I can appreciate , I find a new perspective …

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