Still not good enough … Bring back yesterday.

Sachin Tendulkar. 254 runs. 127 avg. 2 centuries.

Yes, its against a weak bowling attack and its on batting surfaces but its still the highest in his team.

But over at Cricinfo, Sidhartha Monga combines with Stats editor S Rajesh to ask this. Whither Tendulkar ?

Sorry ?

Maybe its because there’s a lot of cricket being played these days, and I try and play with words on my headlines as well, so they were just trying to get our attention. But thats not it. I read the article. Good enough probably for a debutant they say. Its going to be a worry against England, they say. Why ? He was too slow, they say.

Sorry again ?

Was he holding someone up ? Three other guys got 100s. And another got a 50 and we declared at 610 for 3 in 153 overs. In the hour after tea on Day 2. That gave us 16 overs to bowl at the opposition. And 3 more days. With 5 bowlers. On the basis of that bit, I’d say that most guys, batsman no 4 included, did pretty well. No ?

But he was the slowest of the lot they say. So ? He’s also got the most of the lot in the series . How does that add up to “Whither” ?

There were two young openers that were running hard and retired ill from the heat. And the weather may have been different but Sachin Tendulkar, hung in there and  chose to guide the side through to whatever was the target they had in mind with whatever time frame they had in mind. And deliveries bowled 2 feet above his head or well outside leg from round the wicket still count as deliveries received.

Seriously. Whither ? What are you guys on ?


6 thoughts on “Still not good enough … Bring back yesterday.

  1. Prabhu,
    Hi there and thanks for the comment – nice to see you here – and no , the difference was not lost on me.
    Take any piece of the article tho – and tell me if they mean any different?
    Lets start with the first para ..
    “Sachin Tendulkar’s recent failures to dominate average attacks are often exaggerated by the weight of his reputation: a slow, passive century from Tendulkar would still be a solid knock by someone else, it is said. There must be truth to it but the manner in which he crawled to a century today has left even that argument open to doubt. Today’s was a solid, honest Test century – for a debutant, not for someone playing his 137th Test.”
    Or the last para …
    “Worryingly for India, Tendulkar has been batting in this perplexing, defensive mode more often recently, ….”..
    Yes … whither has Tendulkar withered? Wasn’t that the implicit qn ? Tell me I’m reading too much into it and I’d be thrilled …Seriously I would.

  2. Homer,
    I don’t read minds that well but my spider sense (!!) says that Dav Whatmore’s thinking (186/7 in the second innings as I type this) that he could have had a better testimony (than a three day loss – at home) as his final witness….

  3. SFX,

    Haven’t checked this in a few days but here’s my really late reply.

    I do agree with what you say but I was pointing out to the last statement you had mate:

    “Seriously. Whither ? What are you guys on ?” – didn’t quite jive with Whither, more apt with Wither.

    I had posted a long comment on Cricinfo on that article which the bastards never published..damn it. For instance, the guys called Sachin’s last century numbers were similar to the 37th one but the 36th one was scored at 60% rate – the rate that KKD and WJ scored in this test which Cricinfo wants SRT to score at. Similarly, they “pointed out” that Sachin crawled between 80 and 100 slowing down perceptibly for his hundred (get-your-century-at-any-cost-attitude is what they called it I think) but Sachin’s scoring rate throughout the inning was 50% until he reached his century. How does Monga conclude that SRT crawled for his hundred (taking 42 balls for 20 runs ) is something he can only answer. Again, he concluded that SRT broke free only after his 100 conveniently forgetting that Sachin went for tea break right after hsi hundred and India clearly came out with an intent to declare past tea and so both SRT and MSD went berserk. And even this is explained by Monga as “clearly he was given instructions during tea to up his run-rate or something like that. Can’t believe Cricinfo would publish something like this, unless if their goal was to attract many outraged fans clicking on the link and increasing their ad revenues.

  4. Prabu,

    Thanks again, mate.

    Agree completely, that article was hogwash. And the subsequent one (Not the kind of domination India expected) after a under 3 day win isn’t particularly generous in praise about the overall performance either.

    Lets just leave it as a bad innings at Cricinfo. They’re still pretty darn the best.

    I’m not going to “W(h)ither Cricinfo?” yet 🙂

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