Bangladesh 2007

Lets just get this out of the way.

 We went there with our cricket at a pretty low point. Knocked out of the World Cup before the Super 8s, talk of rifts within the team , a coach who we could find nothing right with and Sachin and Saurav “rested” for the ODIs meant we were left to choose from a system we could find nothing right with either.

And so a makeshift coach and a team selection that nobody quite agreed with. All this with the additional backdrop of squabbles about money and endorsements.

We’ve come away 2-0 in the ODI series with the third game rained away. And the one Test of the two match series where a result was possible, we have decimated them. First we get 610 for 3 in 150. Then we get them twice in 95 overs. Innings and 239 runs. Slam !

And this with three frontline Test batsmen and two frontline Test bowlers not in the lineup.

Now, the season moves on. First the hunt for a new coach as it looks like the BCCI for all its marketing skill is not able to make Shastri an offer he can’t refuse..

Meanwhile though, as Dravid (typically) says, “We came here to play good cricket. I thought we did that. And we did it in tough conditions.”

Agreed. Well done.


19 thoughts on “Bangladesh 2007

  1. yes we did, until when the opposition decided to have a go at us ( Md. Ashraful) or the lower midle order decided to stick around for bed and breakfast ( Musrafe Murtaza).

    Then, we did not have any answers.

    Not only did we not change the pace of the game, we let the opposition dictate terms to us.

    And lets not forget the forgettable body language, lax fielding, aimless bowling and the general drift in our out cricket when things are going south.

    The Bangladesh series highlighted our inadequacies as much as our strengths.

    Time to start consolidating the gains and minimizing the losses.

  2. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
    (I love cut and paste!)

    We get 20 wickets in 95 overs and win by an innings and 239 runs. Tell me honestly, if you were rating India on that performance , on a scale of 10, how much wud you give them ?

    The two guys were chancing their arm, no ?
    Ashraful … would you take that guy in your Test team ? If I was interviewing Whatmore I would be curious about how he’d helped Ashraful grow as a undoubted talent.

  3. I agree with Super.. Chancing thier armn or not, 67 runs and 70 runs and 70 runs are 66,69 and 69 runs too many.

    And against better opposition, this will come and bite us.

    It is not a critique per se but an observation, one that the Indian cricket team ( or is it Team BCCI) do well to pay attention to.

    would I select Ashraful in my test team – in a heartbeat.

  4. Hello Homer ji,

    610-3 we score.

    And a guy who would make your team in a heartbeat makes 67 and thats 66 too many ?

    Chancing arm and showing inadequacies yesterday is just a slightly magnified version of VRV showing South Africa’s inadequacies.
    Yes, we need to finish things off, but this time we did !!! 20 wickets in 95 overs and we can’t possibly be saying we were too slow in wrapping it up ..?

  5. Sfx,

    We can either take a limited sample size or we can consider the series in toto. And my assessment is that we did a fair job, there are things we need to address.

    Like taking control of a game and not relenquishing it

    PS :- VRV’s late attack on the Protea bowlers did put thier attack in persopective, pushed our score to 251 and gave us the momentum going into the Protea innings – and we won a test match.

    Long story short, we will get away with this slackness/sloppiness against the Bangladesh team circa 2007, we may not be so lucky against Australia circa 2007/08

  6. Point about VRV’s bit though , Homer is that sometimes there is very little you can do about it… its part of the game and you have to accept it …

    But accepted, for that one session 122/7 onwards , there was a problem – which in my view, they addressed and most importantly , had the guts to stick with the same formula to address.

    Will it be similar in different conditions, different opposition and different team composition – and (in my view) very importantly , different manager – we’ll just see, I guess.

  7. Sfx,

    That may be so, but what VRV achieved with his merry ways was to swing the momentum irrecovably in India’s favor.

    And what Murrtaza did was put India’s approach to the game in perspective. And delay a loss.

    And these things add up. And sometimes they add up sufficiently to galvanize a team to do the impossible.

    Like VVS scoring 59 in the first essay of THAT test at Kolkata in 2001.

    And the decision to send him up the order as he was the form guy.

    Or that limpet like ability of a batter that takes the wind off the sails of the opposition. Like Gillespie in THAT very test. In the first innings after Harbhajan had taken a hat trick and Oz were 274/7.

    Long and short of it – it is stupid to let the opposition to even have a sniff..It can blow up on our face big time.

    And we did under utilize out 5th bowler big time in the second test.. 🙂

  8. So, 4 or is it 5 articles in a row blasting Bangladesh progress and each more vitriolic than the previous.

    Sunny Gavaskar’s vote for Whatmore’s a NO … How many in the selection panel in all ? I’ve lost count ….

  9. Homer,

    We did indeed under-utilise the 5th bowler. (alth we bowled Sachin as the sixth 🙂

    As Sunny G will tell you, the way they batted, …

  10. Here is the thing I dont understand – If Sunny G deems it important to make his displeasure of Whatmore public, surely his alternatives should also be in the public domain. Especially given his role as one of the people responsible for selecting India’s next coach?

  11. Re Whatmore
    Can we choose a guy who in his last test won the toss and bowled as a coach? Well that one decision should blow his chances.. but given BCCI anything can happen

  12. 7 people in the selection committee I believe.

    Sunny Gavaskar as good as a certain NO re Whatmore.

    In that article I have linked to, Shastri’s asked abt Robin and Venky Prasad and depends on how much you want to read into it, votes for them to continue in their supporting roles. But its early days….

    I think we start seeing Niranjan Shah and Co start dropping hints over the next few days about the contenders but Whatmore probably has to find 4
    Yes votes from somewhere 6 apart from Sunil G. And hope that Sunny Bhai does not have anything close to a veto power….

  13. Sfx

    On India’s performance, I have to say that it wasn’t really a ‘Test’. I never thought thet they had much to gain from this series.They were playing in perfect batting conditions, with a weak bowling attack and a hundred was for the taking for every batsman. BD are a long way off from being a good Test side and it showed.

    I will hold judgement on India until they do well under foreign conditions and against a team that will challenge them more and not let them get away with sloppy fielding. and average bowling. England and Australia will be a teal test for them.

  14. Hi Rashmika

    Firstly , sorry – can’t quite understand why the comment went into the “awaiting moderation” queue – and since nothing usually goes there – I didnt check until this morning. Apologies.

    About the cricket itself, agree that it was hardly a real test but given India’s own recent background and the fact that we were not feilding a full fledged team, it still had to be done. That said, they came out quite ok I think.

    I think India has a fair amount of bench strength actually for the challenges ahead and that might be the balancing factor at least in the immediacy of the England series where they’ll be adjusting to a new coach.

    Either way tho, promises to be a great summer…

  15. Hi Sfx

    I think the series with England will be a really good one. and could be quite evenly contested. I think the Indian seamers could do quite well if they adapt to the conditions and Zaheer already has a head start. The senior batsman have all played here and done well in the past.

    Touring teams can find England a great place to play if they adjust to the conditions and most have experience, having played in County cricket.

    I have fond memories of the last tour, when I went to a lot of matches and hope to do the same this time.

  16. Hello, my frd ..

    Its the 4th of July – and you’ve just responded to a series that finished near the end of May … ?

    And by the way, India won 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by tho ..

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