The Wright Way To Coach …

If anyone hasn’t read John Wright’s indian summers, please get it NOW. Its got sincerity in every word.

Anyway, here’s a passage from the book. This is just after his appointment and ahead of his first Test for India.

I made a point of talking to the former Indian all-rounder Ravi Shastri, who was part of the commentary team. I’d played against him; in fact I hit him for six to bring up my first Test century (he was 18 at the time). He was one of the few ex-players who’d been in favour of foreign coach and I wanted to get his perspective. His view was that :

  • The senior players had to make a bigger contribution and give the youngsters more help.
  • We had to start winning away from home; the public would like to see us go for wins even if it meant losing a few.
  • We needed to improve running between the wickets and get the fielding right; part of that was having specialists in the close catching positions.
  • The batters had to take more responsibility, to enable us to play five specialist bowlers, particularly in one-day cricket.
  • As the coach I had to be either hard or soft; in between wouldn’t work.

Not much has changed ? Except that we’ve had an Aussie coach and now the Aussies are probably going for a foreign coach in Wright …


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