The King & I ….

Been a while since posted any pictures on the site.
So here goes …


Its December, 1981. England are touring India.
And this is from the England team fancy dress party for Christmas.

Geoffrey Boycott (apparently) appears as Ranjitsinghji. (Altho I seem to remember that its the uniform that the durbaan at one of Delhi’s bigger hotels wear).
Ian Botham’s “dressed” as Boycott himself.

Photographer unknown.


2 thoughts on “The King & I ….

  1. Hi Sfx

    Great to see another classic pic. They don’t seem to have these fancy dress parties anymore, suppose no time in the tight schedules – shame.

  2. Hi Rashmika …

    Glad you liked it ….

    6 days Tests with a “rest day” to recuperate / party … but that was then !..

    Can’t say the game’s lost its characters tho … KP, Fred Flintoff, Warne …

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