Real Men in White …

I got hold of Mukul Kesavan’s Men in White (the book) earlier this week. Some of his blog pieces, unfortunately, are a bit too “lets-stir-the-pot” for my taste particularly when others give the impression that its pretty deliberate and show a man who knows exactly how his audience (at least a large segment of the ones who comment) will react. (The latest piece on Emburey, would, you expect at least mention that Emburey was one of the contenders – who expressed unavailability even in 2005 when Greg Chappell was chosen, no?)

The book’s a nice read though and the purpose of this post is really to say that if you are put off by some of the blog posts, then don’t be. Lets just say that if Mukul’s been prolific on the blog recently to boost sales, then its been a few agricultural slogs by an otherwise polished bat.

Elsewhere, trying to research a bit on the whole Michael Vaughan – Fred Flintoff story, came across a wonderful piece of sports writing. This is Peter Roebuck in the middle of the Ashes series of 2005 when Freddie and Vaughan could do no wrong. This, to me, is outstanding journalism. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Real Men in White …

  1. Freddie just gave an interview over here and confirmed that there is no ill feeling between the two. Thay had lunch yesterday and had a bit of a laugh about the whole thing. He said they have been good friends for a long time and this is unlikely to change that.

    He is at the ground as Old Traddord is his home ground, on crutches from yet another op. The crowd also didn’t give Vaughan a bad reception as predicted.

    I think the media hoped to make more of it as stories are a bit thin on the ground at the moment.

  2. Hi Rashmika
    Thanks for that. And as the day starts here in Singapore, just seeing the reports in The Guardian quoting Freddie saying just that.
    My first impression of reading the original Michael Vaughan interview was that it was actually a pretty good and honest interview – Ruined by UK press (and Cricinfo !!) headlines. Then when Vaughan denied what he obviously said, one wondered …

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