Yes, I read and re-read to make sure too …

I’m speechless.

We’ve come up with Chandu Borde as the answer?

72 years young and long may he live… (Take care, sir. The game’s changed a fair deal and they say that the schedules are a bit tight these days. Apparently / Ostensibly that was a reason that the 46 year old extremely fit Mr Ford did not want the job either. Time away from family and all that.)

Now I’m curious about the team selection to be announced later this evening. Borde played 55 Tests for India between 1958 and 1969 and captained them in one Test, the opening game of the 1967-68 series against Australia at Adelaide. I’m wondering how many of those born during his playing years are considered too old to make the cut…(and no, not that it makes that much of a difference … or does it?)


12 thoughts on “Yes, I read and re-read to make sure too …

  1. Venky Prasad and Robin Singh get official one year contracts. (extendable to three, like the rumoured Ford offer ? I don’t know). So basically, whoever gets the coaching assignment knows upfront that Venky and Robin are part of the deal.

    What part of the Borde deal do you like ?

  2. If I google “homer+cricket” I’ll probably get more results than I would have with “graham ford+cricket” a few weeks ago … so you never know, dude …
    I read a lot of stuff this morning about his experience with managing in 1989 (was piyush chawla born then?) and being selection committee chairman as recently as 2002 – and knowing english conditions well – but all that misses the point of a “here and now” in the thinking process in a team.
    Wright/Ganguly, Chappell/Ganguly, Chappell/Dravid , Shastri/ Dravid , Borde / Dravid … is a sequence I struggle to connect.
    My point is this.
    I don’t expect it to work. I hope it does.

  3. Sfx,

    Here is the way I look at it – If India does well in England, it will be in spite of the Board. If they fare badly, it will be because of the Board.

    And aren’t Board elections due in the Sept – Oct time frame?

  4. To do Shastri’s job – he’s probably the best available choice. They can’t offer it to Anshuman Gaekwad, Madan Lal, Mohinder Amarnath or any of those guys, because they are in contention for the long term job. It would be a loaded appointment.

    A caretaker has been appointed and a caretaker is what Chandu Borde is – and a mighty good one i suspect. Lots of people have said good things about him.

  5. I’m dumb struck too – can’t quite believe it has come to this.I feel sorry for the team, who need a proper coach, especially for a tour like England. It puts a greater burden on the team, especially the captain and I really hope that they do well because the guys are on their own it seems.

    Homer – they need you desperately πŸ™‚

  6. Kartikeya,
    There are positives that Chandu Borde brings to the table, undoubtedly. Experience is always an asset – to a degree. Somewhere it begins to plateau off – if not regress and its always a pretty fine line.

    ODI version 4.0remember? Wright, Chappell, continuity .. ?

  7. This is just the test team. And this is a caretaker situation – a stop gap arrangement. Id rather see someone like Borde doing to job because he loves it, rather than Madan Lal or Mohinder Amarnath or Anshuman Gaekwad going in with an agenda to plant seeds of their appointment long term.

    As we have seen with Whatmore and Jones, candidates are not beyond canvassing for the job – if they canvas with Mr. Shah, don’t you think they’d try it with Rahul Dravid?

  8. Kartikeya …

    Compared to those options – Madan Lal, Jimmy Amarnath as caretaker coaches (or even as permanent coaches), Chandu Borde’s impeccably clean record and his undeniable service to Indian cricket is a definite plus. But thats winning by eliminating others negatives.
    I could put up names like Dilip Vengsarkar (selector, great record in those conditions, tough taskmaster, knows the players, will have Robin and Venky’s support and knows them well too, his presence seemed to work in South Africa albeit for that one Test) or Lalchand Rajput or Paras Mhambrey or Chandrakant Pandit – all West Zone and all that this Board has confidence in, as caretaker coaches / managers. Maybe some to be groomed for the job depending on the Board’s risk appetite…
    Besides, its not just the Tests, its also two ODI series.

    This though, is another one that we could argue endlessly. Will grant this though – the intentions seem as noble and clean as they come. And the expectations are – for whatever reasons – low. Those are pretty good starting ingredients…

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