One, Two ; Buckle Guru …

Its not that we won easily.

To me, the importance of yesterday, was Sachin and Dada as India’s one-two. Its immaterial that it failed.

Sachin Tendulkar back at the top of the order – a desire he’s expressed a few times – is important. In the past, when he said that, it was explained to him that the team’s interests would be better served if he played down the order. As if his desires were different from that of the team. That was probably the story behind “it hurts when the coach questions our attitude”.

Yesterday that changed. If it was Rahul Dravid’s fault that he backed Greg Chappell too much at the expense of his senior team-mates ( does “colleagues” sound the same?), then yesterday, he stepped out of that shadow. One step further than he’d done with the 5 bowler policy in Bangladesh.

Its going to be tougher conditions and better attacks from here on and a lot depends on how our batting does this summer, but belief is the first ingredient …


2 thoughts on “One, Two ; Buckle Guru …

  1. And Sachin promptly proved my theory sir. The number of bowlers who can prodly tell their grand children that got ST is growing by leaps and bounds

  2. Call it what you will – I’m going by the “this is Dravid’s big summer test” theory.

    As a member of any side, I’d want my leader to believe in my abilities and back my strengths. After that, the onus is on me to deliver. No excuses….

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