25 June … The day it all changed.


This day in 1983.
Indian Cricket changed forever.

 And I know what you’re thinking. There are better photographs that capture the moment. Here’s the thing though. There are a few guys missing from this picture.

One of them – Kapil Dev – was the captain of the team. Another – Sandeep Patil, played an important role right through. This week, the BCCI scrapped their pensions. All Rs 35,000 per month of it. Not because there were allegations of match fixing against them. Or they coached rival teams against India. But because they chose to join an idea (for thats all it still is) which is yet to find approval with the BCCI.


3 thoughts on “25 June … The day it all changed.

  1. Maybe the nation’s self confidence got a major boost.. but as far as cricket is concerned we are still at the same level as 1983.. the problem being the world has moved on

  2. Its undebatable that ODI cricket changed the way Test cricket’s played forever. And I can’t imagine what we’d be without 1983. Maybe even 10 March 1985, but it could be argued that Shastri would have had no Audi but for 1983…

    Flash in the pan or not, that was a moment of incredible timing (television coming into its own in the country and all that) and it’s relevance is massive.

    Treating people associated with that shabbily (no pension implies their service is null and void) is, in my view, atrocious.

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