Play it again, Sam …

Its in every newspaper I guess, but loved the photograph so here it is.

Sam Alexis Woods.


12 Majors. 79 Professional wins in all.
As the line in the movie goes :
I’m so excited, I think I’ll brush all my teeth today!


11 thoughts on “Play it again, Sam …

  1. I am a 72 yr. old fan . I really miss you since you are taking time off to recuperate from your knee surgury. When watching the other PGA players I find it not as exciting as when you are playing. I wish you the best hope you return better than ever. WAITING FOR YOUR RETURN. Colin Sherwood.

  2. That is great you are starting your family. You knew my grandfather, Gay Brewer. Thank you for saying nice comments about him. You are a great golfer.

  3. Tiger you are an awsome person in and off the golf course. I have so much respect for you and look up to you. Hope to watch you soon on the PGA tours its not the same without you. And im pleased to have the same name as your child lol.

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