The Venus Rosewater Dish …

Seriously, thats what the Wimbledon Women’s trophy is called.

The one that Venus Williams is deservedly holding.

All this she did, as she quashed young (“My dad used to put up some targets, if I touched the targets, I get candy. So I was very motivated. Maybe that’s why I’m still loving too much the candies. But whatever.”) Marion Bartoli at Wimbledon last night.

In so doing, she also quashed the rankings system. Williams was seeded 23rd here at Wimbledon [and although Bartoli (who’d beaten Henin on the way to Saturday) said Venus was World no 1 on grass ] and was actually ranked 31st in the world. Sandwiched between -you know these names – Francesca Schiavone and Olga Poutchkova (zero career singles titles between them), and stuck behind women from 16 other countries, including 3 from Italy, which has never had anyone win Wimbledon.

But thats looking at it from the wrong end.

Yesterday, with her fourth Wimbledon title she joined Billie Jean, Martina Navratilova and Steffi Graf in a select band. Justice.

Meanwhile, Roger plays Rafa later this evening. What are you doing this Sunday?


2 thoughts on “The Venus Rosewater Dish …

  1. Im not sure it has too much to do with the rankings. Venus Williams has been quite choosy in the tournaments that she chooses to play (and more power to her…. ). It is more a case of there being no great all-court champion any more.

    The rankings have changed – in that they reward output more than they reward quality. For example, if you compare two players – one who played 25 weeks in the year and averages about 70 points per week (equivalent of a round of 16 appearance in a tier 1 tournament), while another player who plays only 7 weeks and averages 250 points per week (semi finals or better of a tier 1), then both players would end up with similar number of WTA rankings, while qualitatively, it is clear that latter player is better.

    The WTA ranks do not take into account “quality of opposition” other than in a very generalized sense with the tournament tiering. While Grand Slams publish their own rankings, they are informed a great deal by the WTA listing.

    Ironically, the WTA system does not encourage the creation of stars (like Evert or Graf were)!

  2. I agree, Kartikeya. Hence, my view that she quashed the “rankings system” …

    And being seeded 23rd ?! Its absurd. Not even the grandma of the chairman of the seeding committee would agree that Bartoli was the favourite going into yesterday’s match..

    On the other hand, one can see where they are coming from, I suppose. You have to show up – or at least win the big ones to earn the points…

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