Tough, Tougher, Taufel …

Most traders have (and live) a “losing positions” nightmare. This is roughly how mine goes.

old jeans – hole in pocket(s) – i don’t realize – i put sand in a pocket- it goes down my leg to my ankles – what do i do ? – i put more sand – its now up to my knees – more sand – up to my waist -gee, cramping my style – c’mon, put a bit more – its gotta find a way – oh dear, chest – i’ve  got to find a way to make it stay – oops – neck- gasp!

Anyone in a job that’s evaluated on a constant basis probably faces such moments.

I reckon Simon Taufel had his Old Jeans moment at Lords when Kevin Pietersen was recalled. And its just been more and more sand since in an effort to make the moments gone look better …


Its probably a psychologists delight. Or maybe its just my idle mind. But think about it – the big guy makes a mistake on the big stage with the big star’s wicket. Thats all it is. Thereafter the mind takes over. The pressure to undo a mistake is probably the best disguise that bias puts on. Not a bias towards a side though – but to make a decision. A big decision.

Suffice to say that Simon Taufel has made three big mistakes since : Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly.


6 thoughts on “Tough, Tougher, Taufel …

  1. “The big disappointment is that people come to watch top players and I gave him (Sachin) out wrongly,” Taufel told the host channel, revealed commentators David Gower and David Lloyd.

    Hmmm ….. Thats Old Jeans right there

  2. If it is indeed his statement, its a shocker, isnt it ?

    How is the guy receiving the decision in any way relevant, Mr T ?

    (and this is where that sand quickly becomes “quicksand” ) ….

  3. Even the media does it.. I know the umpire shouldn’t but a wrong decision creates a furore only in case of bigger batsmen.. Sreesanth was sooo not out.. no body even mentions that

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