Victory at Trent Bridge …

Luck with the toss and day one conditions notwithstanding (England had the same advantage at Lords), India were comprehensively the better side at Trent Bridge.

Whats worrisome for England is that the weak links from Lords – Bell, Prior and the lower batting order – have stayed weak and a few others have been exposed. The bowling is not quite in the league that the conditions at Lords led them to believe. India’s openers ahead of the fab four (fallible four) got a 147 run start after England got 198. And then almost everyone else got a measure of the bowling.

India’s bowling’s got 40 wickets in two tests for a total of 1133 runs. Thats an average of 283 runs per innings. RP Singh and Zaheer Khan have, at various times, in the series so far, stood up and delivered when its mattered and thats made the difference.

A word about Rahul Dravid. Ahead of this series, without a coach, this was called his big test. He’s fumbled at press conferences apparently, – called Kumble “Harbhajan” – and struggled with the bat (now the only guy in the top 7 without a fifty) – but we’ve won in Ireland and now, we’re going into the last Test leading 1-0.

We’ve been in this situation before – in South Africa – and as I write this – I see that the celebrations are a lot more subdued than they were after the first Test win there. And just as well. Since there is yet a job to complete.

Well done !

9 thoughts on “Victory at Trent Bridge …

  1. I concur Sfx.. There is a series that needs to be won. And quite frankly, I do not see why it will be an insurmountable hurdle.

    We had 3 days between Lords and Trent Bridge and carried the positive momentum generated from salvaging a draw in the first test to the second and it showed.

    We have 9 days till the start of the next Test.This gives us time to pause and evaluate. And it gives the British Press enough time to dig into their own.

    This series is for us to lose and I do not see us repeating the mistakes made in South Africa.

  2. I don’t think England will change their side as I think the bowlers were still good with Tremlett looking like a threat with the bounce he gets.

    They are likely to stick with the batsman as they have done the job before, but the last four have always been a weaklink and there is no answer for that at the moment. They will just have to hope that their batsman can make big runs.

    I still think that the sides are quite even and it will be interesting to see if there is still swing at the Oval, if there is I think Zaheer and RP Singh will trouble England again.

  3. Homer,

    All fair points. But respect where its due and thats with Michael Vaughan’s results. And his record at home. They were mauled by 239 runs in the first Test at Lords in the 2005 Ashes. Written off by the press is the politest I can be… And then …

    Add to that the opposition they were facing. Garnish that with India’s record after winning tests in series overseas.

    So a bit of caution is warranted and I think is being observed. Should be a great game. Nine days to stock up the beer…

  4. Rashmika,

    How about Fred Flintoff as a pure bat ? If Ian Bell wants to bat at 3 or 4 and isnt getting his place there and isn’t scoring at 6, then why not a big Fred gamble ? It can be a big psychological edge …

  5. I don’t think they will risk Freddie until he is fit to bowl. His batting form recently has not been good so they will not consider that option this time even thou I agree having him in the team would give them a mental boost as he is capable of anything on his day.When he is fit it looks like Bell will be the batsman they will drop on present form.

  6. Prabu,

    Tremlett has bowled well throughout this test and he should be a factor at the Oval.

    That said, if the Indian gameplan is to go after the short ball ( as evidenced by both Jaffer and Karthik attempting the hook and pull in the second essay) then we have a contest.

    And for all the talk of the perfume ball, bar Vaughan and to an extent Strauss, Cook and Bell, I have yet to see a Pom play the short ball with any conviction.

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