Rosebowl-ed … An unseen view.

9.30 pm to 5 am.

Those are the timings of the day night games in Singapore. So yes – with a 5 am start to work everyday, I was dozing off just as Matt Prior was walking back to the pavilion. I woke up to India 8 for- and that was pretty much that. The markets have a lot to offer these days ….

I had seen the toss though and from the bits I have read of the reports and scorecards, here are my impressions. Random, Derived and Unseen.

– Statsguru tells me that in the last 50 odd games, India’s only conceded 300 twice (and we won one of those two). We did not concede 300 yesterday either. When I see 210/1 after 40, that seems like a good effort. It could be argued that the problem was the score at over 40 but with this squad we can’t do any better than 4 bowlers, so there is no point quibbling about the runs that the fifth bowling combo conceded. Was 289 chase-able? You tell me.

– Gautam Gambhir may have done really well in all the tour games but his stats in ODIs ex Bangladesh, Ireland and Scotland just about give him an average of 20 in international cricket. If he must play and get another chance, does it have to be at 3 ? Should that not go to the best bat in the team?

– I think yesterday’s game was a bit about misplaced expectations. Our expectations from the conditions when we bowled, our impressions of England’s readiness as a one day unit, the absence of a plan b while chasing a 5.5+ run rate in conditions so alien told fast when we lost Ganguly to that run out and then Gambhir pottered around and the pressure multiplied fast. Its a part of our ODI play that has been an off and on scenario over the last year or so. We seemed to have overcome it in Ireland against South Africa so hopefully this was as much a tribute to England’s above par performance as our below average showing.

– Chasing 289, how does one realistically recover from 35/4 in 12? A 68 run partnership at 3.75ish taking you to the 3oth over (building a platform for a later assault presumably) is one way but if one of the twosome is Dhoni, wouldn’t it be more prudent that the target be kept within reach with a bit of aggression? Again, I didn’t see it but a 60 ball 19? In the process, that comeback hero, Fred Flintoff gets a 7 over spell for 12. Hmmm ….

Like the skipper said, India didn’t get to the party at all yesterday. I’m glad I slept through it.

What India needs though is to wake up. Else, another couple of such games and I suspect we’ll start hearing sounds of different captains for different forms of the game…..


2 thoughts on “Rosebowl-ed … An unseen view.

  1. Thanks for the mail and for dropping by, David.

    The Everest post and the Sportsworld influence are on display on a post above.

    Will stay in touch.


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