About Influences …

Growing up, all kinds of things shape you. In different doses. People do it without realizing the impact.

Sportswriters were obviously an important part of the ones that shaped me and I consider myself fortunate that a large period of when I was most impressionable coincided with when Indian sports writers were at their most celebratory.

This morning many of those memories came rushing back when I discovered an extraordinary blog and with it some fantastic inspirational moments. Like mesmerisms.

David McMahon used to be part of the Sportworld then and with Mudar Patherya, Barry O’Brien and Co, they used to bring out some fantastic sports stories.

An example of that & what I mean is what I discovered this morning – here.

Earlier in school, we had a lesson which was an article by Dr Christian Barnaard. Its details were poignant and important but far more important was its message.

“The business of living is the celebration of being alive.”



5 thoughts on “About Influences …

  1. My word, what a great honour to be mentioned in that context.

    We never saw ourselves as an “influence”, merely as committed writers who cared deeply and passionately about our magazine.

    I have never worked with a more talented group of writers – which is why I acknowledge this fact in the dedication of my bestselling novel `Vegemite Vindaloo’.

    We live in different countries now – but we are still in touch with each other.


    Cheers, mate, and keep in touch


  2. Hey by any chance do you have the article brijnath wrote abt lleyton hewitt when he came back from 2 sets to love down to beat roger federer in a davis cup match back in 2003. The best article brijnath ever wrote according to me.

  3. David,

    In that sentence – committed, cared deeply, passionately – things like that always going to be an “influence”, right?


  4. Hi Srinath,

    Thanks for dropping by. I don’t have the article an a lot of google searching didn’t get me any closer.

    Do you remember the publication? I’ll do my best if you do.

    I remember the match tho. 2003 was Hewitt’s year (till Sampras……)

  5. 2003 was not hewitts year sfx. that was 2002. anyway i dont remember the publication. if i find it i will post the link here.

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