We didn’t lose. They won.

Sometimes it isn’t meant to be. The eventual winners just find that something special that nothing you can do is good enough. Last night, Stuart Broad and Ravi Bopara got England from 114-7 to their 213 target in difficult conditions. They have a combined age of 43.

We’ve had similar moments. Yuvraj and Kaif getting India from 120 odd for 5 to 320 odd against England in that Natwest final for instance. And we celebrate those as outstanding achievements. As two young men showcasing their brilliance under extreme pressure while facing seemingly impossible tasks.


Yesterday was the Bopara-Broad day.

Cheers !


2 thoughts on “We didn’t lose. They won.

  1. You’re right, of course Kartikeya. The one day scenario has been worrisome for a while. And its all very well to say that the better side won or X had an off day or we got outfielded today or outbowled , but we have been losing for a while now.

    Unless there is a spectacular turnaround in the next three games then, that “deadly” bit you refer to is going to raise its head soon …

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