Plans that either come to naught or …

Today Rahul Dravid resigned as captain of Team India. Or offered to.
Typically I’d wait till the dust settled and things got clarified about what that means before I wrote a post on something like this but I feel strongly about Rahul Dravid. I even thought he was deserving of the highest compliment at the recent Test series. So here goes.

I think Rahul started off as captain quite brilliantly. Thought out-of-the-box. Cocked snooks and took daring gambles which paid off (that helps!). And so a declaration with Sachin at 194 in a Test match still got us a victory and lots of juggling in batting orders still got us 6-1 in an ODI series against Sri Lanka. And then somewhere down the line he lost his way in a maze of processes.

We won some Test series along the way but particularly in the shorter form of the game, we’ve had a series of poor performances. Some outstanding players  have lost their way even as some others have been brought to life. Some back to life.

For a guy who is so much a perfectionist and able to stand back and see things in perspective, he’ll realise this : On his watch, the one-day team has not gotten better. Truth is a bitter pill.

I, for one, hope that this “offer for resignation” is treated with the respect it deserves. We should appoint a new one day captain. Rahul Dravid should stay as skipper for the Tests.

11 thoughts on “Plans that either come to naught or …

  1. most sensible thoughts!

    But then what happens to poor Rahul Dravid the batsman if he continues to be test captain (after all that’s where his batting has suffered the most?)

  2. Naresh,

    Firstly, thanks for the comment…

    I initially took umbrage at a few people saying that the timing of Rahul’s stepping down from captaincy was poor. The more I think of it though, the more it seems that those that say that it isn’t exactly the most professional thing to do, have a point.

    As a one day captain, he needs to step down. To own up, if you will. As a Test captain though, he has done well and him walking away from it now – (without adequate succession planning along with a new coach and the selectors) – is NOT Rahul’s best timed stroke. I think giving him that bit of space is actually giving allowance for his “other” achievements. Its being harsh, but thats professional sport.

    As far as his batting form goes, I think he just went through a bad patch and just seemed to be regaining it towards the end of the ODI series, so hopefully into the Test series it all comes back, like it has for Sachin and Dada ….


  3. Dravid was appointed as the overall Indian skipper – for Tests and ODI’s. He has done the correct and proper thing by stepping down from both.

    He still commands a place in the ODI side as well as in the Test side (he would be the first name on the sheet in my view – Tendulkar and Kumble would be the second and third and the rest are all negotiable).

    Whether to appoint two seperate captains is the BCCI’s decision, not Dravid’s. So he has done the right thing.

    And you wouldn’t imagine anything else from him 🙂

  4. Agree with that in its entirety, Kartikeya.

    My point is that once the “decorum” of the resignation from both appointments has been met, I think he should stay as Test skipper …

  5. Interesting thoughts sfx !
    I personally believe that when folks resign, others should just let them be.

    There are questions about the timing precisely because Indian cricket has been running on cruise control for so long. For a lot of teams (or their boards), the thought of not having a coach would be astounding…our team (and more specifically, our board) has been going on with its job nonchalantly. There is no effort on the part of the board to even think about how to start the process of getting a coach.
    Now that Mr. Dravid wants to be relieved of a burden he has carried for far too long (I never believed he would make a strong captain…for various reasons), we are talking about timing !
    I do not know if we need a coach (or even a captain) for the Indian cricket team…we certainly do not need a board (not this bunch of morons, anyway ) !

  6. Hi Sridhar,

    Like the rest of us, I’m just thinking aloud and more than willing to let him be … gosh, each of them deserves that space and he’s amongst the elite !

    As far as his captaincy goes, my thoughts are all on that post (I’m not debating the timing – I actually think he should be our skipper for the Tests) and on the links in it. You raise valid points though. As a fan, or a professional, I am expecting Rahul Dravid to honour a professional part of his duties in a largely unprofessional setup. The coach selection issue is one that’s well past the Board’s commitment date, like you point out. With a long season coming up, its not easy and if a guy wants his space then … its a tough call.

    Cheers ! And Thanks for the comment.

  7. Rami Khan,

    Thanks a lot for the views (sure helped with my views stats) – but I’d rather just have comments which are directly relevant to the topic of the post or are at best tangential but not blatantly promotional. So while I am letting these couple of comments be (thanks again for the stats plug !), I’m deleting the rest of the plugs you have posted in the other/ older posts. Hope you understand.


    p.s. A Shahid Afridi vs Sachin Tendulkar debate will NEVER be a maybe …

  8. Eventhough this post is old the issues discussed in this article is true. Rahul dravid is not in form and its time to think seriously about his ole in indian cricket.

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