Where’s this relationship going ….?

So today I have a scary question like that one above.

If Tests are the real thing, (and the Ashes will be the only 5 Test series ),
there is just too much one day cricket already
Twenty20 is Barbie Doll And Bobby Deol and yet there is so much of it mushrooming all over –
we reckon that there is tonnes of player stress and burnout,
then my question is :

Where is the scope for Cricket to get any more popular worldwide than it already is?

If new frontiers embrace the sport, when will they play?


3 thoughts on “Where’s this relationship going ….?

  1. i think 20-20 should be used to gain popularity in non cricket playing countries.

    talks are on to include 20-20 in olympics.
    and if it does happens, then we will see the increased popularity of not only 20-20 but also ODIs and TESTs.
    its all in ICC’s hand, how they manage it.

    apart from this, i dont see any “scope for Cricket to get any more popular worldwide than it already is”

  2. Hi Roxi,

    Thanks for the comment.

    The issue really is that if the ultimate goal is the popularity of cricket in its “purer” form – then can we handle it. Can we even handle more countries participating in a ODI programme. Can the FTP calendar handle more than it already does?

    Ian Chappell actually reckons (rather surpisingly ? ) that Twenty20 is the answer to the dilution of the Test match calendar that has been occuring…


  3. thax for correcting me……

    well i feel that by launching 20-20, the motive behind is to “globalise the game” also mentioned by Ian Chappel.
    It will rise at the expense of ODI format.
    ICC should cut short the number of ODI tournaments and matches played in neutral venues to give way to 20-20 tournaments.
    This will resolve the issue of player burnouts and our cricket will get noticed and played in many other countries as well.

    20-20 has captured attention of many, including the old cricket followers. Now it cannot be stopped. But its encouragement should come at the expense of ODI only.

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