Uplifting interest …

Last night, fast asleep at 0130, I got a phone call.

It had been a stressful couple of days at work. Sleep was desirable if not essential. There was no way it would be anything but toss and turn though. The caller knew it.

But I wish you could have heard the excitement in the voice. It did not wait for me to complete a “Hello”.

Did you see that Yuvraj over?!“, he barked.
Huh?” I probably mumbled.
“SIX SIXES IN AN OVER, YAAAR !In Broad’s last over. In STUART BROAD’s last over.”
Who hit them?” I asked, still groggy and confused. Dimitri Mascarenhas nightmares clouding my already cluttered mind.
Yuvi, Yaar !
In one over?” Signs of life …
Yes, dude !
We batted first?” Interest started surfacing . I was sitting up now. The wife was awake. A bit worried.
Yaar, I know its late and all that but we batted first and we’ve scored 218 but thats not whats important. Whats important is that Yuvi scored six sixes in an over off Stuart Broad !! In an international game !!!!!! I just thought that was special enough to wake you up yaar” The pal who had called to spread cheer was beginning to lose patience…
Thanks, Rahul. Speak with you in the morning.” I was trying to convey gratitude that i sincerely meant and combine that with how this was going to get explained to the wife….
Everything ok at work?” she asked.
What was that
err ..Yuvi got six sixes in an overIt was against Stuart Broad


Considering that 9 is the minimum it would take, Yuvraj’s 12 ball fifty is going to take some beating. That it did not come against minnow opposition only adds to it. And many Youtube viewings later, I struggle to find where his fifth six was mistimed. They all seem like wonderful , clean hitting.

That innings is probably enough for a giant leap in the popularity of the form of the game for television in India. I’d guess that further success in this tournament would be the litmus test but that innings might have been enough.

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