The Circle of Life …

Six months ago – to the day – India, played its last game at the World Cup. Two days before that and a few hours after finding out about the death of their coach, Pakistan had played its last match at the World cup as well. Two great cricket superpowers brought to their sporting knees.

All seemed lost. A generation of greats had their dreams of a World cup win gone forever and they were photographed, those photographs that captured their broken dreams and somewhere a fear that we would now put them to trial for losing.

Tomorrow, India will play Pakistan in the finals of the Twenty20 World Cup. So much has changed in six months. So much has happened this past week. A new generation of cricketers have come to the fore. A new form of the game has caught the World’s imagination. The superpowers have turned to youth and at various times have looked unbeatable and tomorrow, they meet again.

Someone will lose a sporting contest. It will not change the fact that yesterday’s gone. Like it always does.


3 thoughts on “The Circle of Life …

  1. You know what, I still dont believe in this form of cricket, as a weighing scale between batting and bowling.. India won.. So?
    It has been a digital, which we won.. but it doesn’t make us champions.. And will Mr Martin Williamson take notice.. Why should he?
    England, who are supposed to be the most experienced in this form of cricket, crashed out.. Has cricinfo written about it? or have they advertised the fact that Dhoni reads them?
    Mr Williamson, can you answer any of these questions? Or as usual you say, you don’t matter to me as one small subscriber, so push off mate..
    Indians are your biggest clients mate so you better cater to them.. And I still don’t believe that this victory gives us any advantage.. But did 4-3 victory give Engalnd a superiority complex? God help them

  2. rahul

    I’d argue about the form of the game and its merits but I think it deserves a bigger debate than this. And irrespective of the form of the game, today deserves celebration ! Its too rare …

    As far as the English contributions go , I don’t know which way to look at it. Its not the first sport they have invented / tweaked where someone has done better than they have. I actually think thats a fantastic contribution and in that is their bigger victory…

    You’re more “successful” than a lot of your teachers and thats a compliment to them, isnt it ?


  3. Whatever anyone may say about this form of the game, it is entertaining, people have embraced it and it is here to stay. I think there is room for all forms of the game and the fans can pick and choose which form they like.

    India and Pakistan deserved their big day and they both played a part in a great final and after the last six months both teams have had, it was great to see both of them at the top of their games. I am proud of both teams for the way they have played.

    As for England, I am definitely grateful to them for inventing this great game, without which we would not have any of these contests and the fact that others may do better than them is not an issue on which to deride them with as it is also ultimately their success too.

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