The Gold Rush …

They say that pictures are worth a thousand words. When one looks back at these, one wonders what the doubt was all about.

This is Marion Jones. And yes, the photograph is the end of the 100m finals at the Sydney Olympics.

And this, ahead of the haze (and Carl Lewis) is Ben Johnson at the 1988 Seoul Olympics 100m sprint.ben.jpg

More often than not though, sport is about that special someone who is far ahead of the pack. Or the game trier. Just a celebration of the spirit. Uncompromising and unaided.

There. 100 words already.

Enough said.


13 thoughts on “The Gold Rush …

  1. SFX,

    I remember both to have taken drugs for these races. I am not sure if that is the point you are making (cos they did compromise and were aided) – not very clear to me….



  2. Hi Prabu,

    That was indeed my point. The photographs tell their stories.(The first time I saw that Marion Jones photograph, I couldnt believe it was a 100m sprint finish – as it turns out…)

    All I’m saying is fallen idols should not be held against sport.


  3. never doubt a champion. never doubt that matches can be fixed. If you do that it takes away all the pleasure of watching sport. Of course when players get exposed for some wrong deed never support them from there on. These are the views that i have.

  4. Hi there Rashmika,

    Long time, no see !

    I see what you’re saying. And thats just the point I was trying to make. The photographs are from the moments. With the cloud of doubt which we now have, they are pretty strong evidence in themselves.

    However, we really should not judge say, Asafa Powell or Tyson Gay with the same doubt. Its not easy, but we really should not.

    The Tour De France has gone through so much “recently” but so rich is its history that I refuse to hold those that smear its present against its past. Or indeed its future.

    Nearer “home” – ball tampering, match fixing, like Srinath says are all just parallels.

    Anyway, am glad a few photographs got you back here !


  5. I have tried never to judge, as I agree that that takes all the enjoyment away from sport and is not fair to the majority who are competing fairly and do not deserve such harsh judgement.

    I always try to believe everyone is playing fair despite all the things that keep on coming to the surface. It just saddens me greatly but I will continue to have faith as that is the only way to go.

  6. Dear SFX,

    Seeing as you write on every current sports happenings, am surprised to see nothing on the Hamilton Alonso controversy. For the first time in F1, could the sport get more British ???
    For the nth time, wish Schumi was there again weaving his magic on the tracks.
    Waiting for an F1 long overdue post !

  7. Dear Sangeeta,

    Have been meaning to put together something ever since the saga started (well, almost) – but frankly things have moved so fast – and so much has happened that it would really have required a post a day – and this would then have become a F1 blog (not a bad idea for next season, huh ?).

    Was still debating whether to run a post this weekend as a curtain raiser to the grand finale in Brazil on the 21st or to do a summary post on the season once the dust settles. But now that you’ve brought it up , I’ll do my best to put up a post this weekend trying to capture all thats happened this season.

    I’ll try !

    Cheers too !

  8. While the Marion Jones controvery is all but a certainty through her admission of steroids use, the images of her race (shown here on this page) are clearly separated by a book fold.

    It would not be a stretch (no pun intended) for the publisher to increase her distance from the “pack” via blurred lines and juxtaposition of the two images within the publication to create a more dramatic effect.

    It is more than striking.

  9. Aah , agree entirely with that observation , JT. And a part of that is down to my ability with the scanner. And yet, the distance between Marion and the runners (or the bookfold ….)


  10. hey guys I just got here, I was in the washroom for like half an hour, I ate alot of food last night and my stomach had taken quite a bit to digest my food and get it all packed up and ready to go, so whats on the agenda today? are we still gonna go on that hike up into the adirondacks? Ill be here if you need me, Im just gonna put on a cup of coffee, double double is how I like it, anyways Ill be around, toodles!

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