Getting an earful …

Evander Holyfield won his title but lost a part of his ear to Mike Tyson’s hunger.


Photograph from Sports Illustrated by Jed Jacobsohn


4 thoughts on “Getting an earful …

  1. Hi Soul,

    Well put.

    Got more than a few (well wishing) friends tell me that the picture was too gross and that they were surprised by the fact that I had carried it…

    If its a gross picture, its because it was a gross act. And if it repulses, then it conveys the atrocity of one of the most shocking moments in …. sport.

  2. Not the picture. I meant Tyson couldn’t digest it. What drove him to this impulse also drove him hard and fast down the low road.

    Despite the obvious brutality of boxing, it never appeared as uncultured as fake wrestling does. The reality, the beastial fog that must envelop such athletes of the sport was always covert, beneath a thin but firm veneer of sportsmanship and regulations. Tyson exposed it by lifting a fragment of that insulation.

    At that time , I remember thinking how gross it was, but the man’s developmental history always bore clues to the fact that he found it difficult to be constrained by sportsmanship…especially when pushed.

    Life educates us.

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