The “cocking a snook” thing ….

This is an excerpt from Geet Sethi’s wonderful book Success vs Joy. An unassuming book with lots of depth  – much like the man.

 On being highly strung.

There are certain sportspersons who hype themselves up with gestures, punching the air with fists and other such gesticulations, which they think will induce a rush of adrenaline. This may prove to be beneficial in highly physical and contact sports such as rugby and wrestling – but in most sports I find that this becomes a distraction rather than a means to help you focus.

What is important at the crucial stage of any activity is to be calm and composed; to be able to enjoy the moment; to be able to concentrate on the stroke, not the deal that one is negotiating or any other task. Instead of being hyped up oneself, it is imperative to remain calm, on an emotional, even keel. For that you need to focus on your breathing and be zoned-in on the present.

There are some who develop a connived hatred for their opponents, believing this will enhance their performance. They are merely fooling themselves. The whole game is about finding harmony and that elusive alignment of body, mind, and soul. This alignment cannot be discovered with a road map of hate. It can only be found with peace within and peace with the world outside.

For a performer there is no competitor. In the book of success there is, but not in the book of excellence. Competition exists only in your mind. Talent and practice can hone your skill but the discovery of excellence will come from the discovery of the self. So you have to forget the opponent and delve deep within to master your own frailties and insecurities.

In an individual sport such as golf or billiards it is easier to relate to this, but even in team sport one has to look within. Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid are two sportspersons who exemplify this introspection. I have never heard either talk about their opponents. Of course there will be exceptional, solid, and ordinary bowlers, but they don’t care who the bowlers are. For them, the bat is in their hands alone and what they do with the ball depends only on them.

Remind you of anything ?

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4 thoughts on “The “cocking a snook” thing ….

  1. u even i’ve started a cricket blog some 3 months ago.Despite me posting reviews almost every day,there are no comments.Hence I request you to link my blog on your site ‘n’ help me publitize my blog.tks a ton

  2. Hi sanath,

    Thanks for dropping by. Cant help notice that the first comment you post here is a request for a link exchange coupled with a grouse about not having comments. Have you been commenting at this or other blogs?

    Also, I’d gladly link to a cricket blog but with every other post about casinos and things related, thats not quite cricket.

    Cheers and Good luck.

  3. Brilliant ! This book has to be read and it’s the first purchase I’ll be making after the shops reopen after Holi.

    Best wishes to you on Holi and thanks for giving us this excerpt.

    In the book of success there is, but not in the book of excellence

    He appears to have found the right balance.

  4. Soulberry,

    Hope you had a great holi. The book is a great example of ‘short but sweet’. He conveys his thoughts very effectively. Lets compare notes after you read the book.


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