The Big Bong

Do unto others as they
have done to you
But what the hell is this
world coming to?

Blow the universe into nothingness
Nuclear warfare shall lay us to rest

Fight fire with fire
Ending is near
Fight fire with fire
Bursting with fear…………


Dedicated to the man who made one proud just for the fact that the Australians hated him. He, who showed his six packs much before his team owner did. He, who was born a prince, became a king and ended a commoner. He, who always had something prickly to say to the opponent. He, who always had statistics to throw at his critics (many times factually incorrect). He, who was Adam in the gardens of Eden. He, who was the first cricketing representative of a changing, confident, abrasive India. He, who jogged a single when there were three for the taking. He, who could pierce the off side with the precision of a swiss watch. He, who was a demigod in his state, an enigma to many others. He, who kept on rising like a phoenix. He, who taught us how to fight. He, whose autobiography, will be one of the most eagerly awaited in India. He, who, even in his departure will garner attention, as the captain/ selectors can’t drop him for the next 4 tests against Australia. Master stroke from a master striker.

Au Revoir Dada!!

Posted by Rahul


9 thoughts on “The Big Bong

  1. The biggest bong to rule Indian cricket.Hats off to man who gave India the attitude .. the brash arrogance .. the winning mentality.

    Personally I have turned from a staunch critic to an ardent supporter in his 15 years with the Indian team he played and built.

    From the galleries of Lords to the toss of the coin .. guru Greg to the youngistan he built..A character we will all miss.

    Nice post!

  2. As some cricketviewing bloggers may tell you, (and not that it matters), but I never liked Ganguly. In a set of Pandavas(minus Yudishthir) , where Sachin was Arjun, Rahul was Bhim , I always thought of him as Nakul or Sahadev…. 🙂

    But this was a great post ……enjoyed it ..

  3. Thanks Mrs. Date,

    Well, I have not been a die hard fan of Dada either :). And your description of a Nakul/Sahdev fits him to a T. Some fans though may argue that he was the Yudhishthir 🙂
    I hope he goes out with a Bong!!

  4. Sfx,

    Shakuni Mama came out and shook hands with all the Pandavas today.. Was great to watch..

    Also just noticed.. Nakul is 20 runs short of Shakuni so will surpass him before retiring.. nice throw of the dice by fate 🙂

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